IGF 2021 - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XVIII (RAW)

The following are the outputs of the captioning taken during an IGF virtual intervention. Although it is largely accurate, in some cases it may be incomplete or inaccurate due to inaudible passages or transcription errors. It is posted as an aid, but should not be treated as an authoritative record.



>> Chengetai Masango: Ladies and gentlemen, wait another minute or so.


 Is this any better.

>> Luis Bobo: I think.

>> Chengetai Masango: you hear me.

>> Luis Bobo: Yes, we can hear you I think it's good enough, we have heard you read it over times, but I think you are clear enough, thank you.

 Okay, thanks.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: We can hear you know we just have to listen to you.

>> Chengetai Masango: Yes, I know that's maybe tada right.

 Okay, the numbers are going up.

 I think we've stabilized and which should start in any case, just to keep without time.

 Good afternoon evening and morning, ladies.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: and gentlemen.

>> Chengetai Masango: Thank you for joining us.

 For MAC meeting number.


 Yes, the quick legal stuff before we carry on that the meeting is being recorded there's going to be a summary report unfortunately this time we don't have live transcription.

 But we we are using the automatic transcription and a recording will be made available after the session, in any case.

 And can we also please just use the the hand up system within zoom so just raise your hand within zoom not use the.

 website Q, even though it's there, I mean.

 Well that's what.

 Lewis told me to say so i'll say it yes please use the zoom Q so just raise your hand within zoom not the normal speaking Q, thank you and with that i'll.

 hand the floor over to our chain, and he had a son to start the meeting, thank you.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thank you very much and Shanghai and read esterhuyse in here talking to you from Johannesburg there's a thunderstorm So if you hear loud noises it means we having spring rain which is good.

 So welcome everyone to the 18th 2021 like meeting and I also just want to thank everyone who participated in the Geneva meeting, whether you participated virtually or face to face it was good to be there, it was good to be together for some of us, and we did make substantial progress.

 So today's meeting the agenda i'll review it very quickly and we'll have the normal welcomes and the updates from the host country and from the secretariat.

 And we'll look at the main session outline so mag members have been working hard and i've been looking at the session outlines.

 And and we'll go through them in this order because there's some mag Members who have requested a particular time slot because they have other commitments and Secretary, can you just scroll down a little bit to the to the rest of the agenda.

 Louise if you could, thank you very much, and will then look at the new website, which was launched, when we were in Geneva on the 29th of September.

 will look at the parity phase and then we'll have updates from MAC working groups and then next steps, please, if you want to add anything else to the agenda just put it in the chat.

 And we'll come to it under Item number 10 any other business so on that note, if we can just scroll back up.

 And I just want to welcome you all again to the meeting and i'll make some more general remarks I i'll give the pleasure.

 To the host country to tell us about their website and that i've just posted the link in the chat.

 And the idea of countdown, which I find myself looking at every day, even if it makes me a little bit anxious so and.

 i'm very happy to hand over to you, I believe you are with us today, I don't think Mr Christopher schubert is with us he's not so he's being represented by mm hmm Please go ahead, you have the floor.

>> Przemyslaw Typiak: Thank you very much, Madam chair on yet for giving me the floor good morning afternoon evening the colleagues.

 And we're happy to be here on behalf of Mr Christopher schubert, who is currently at Expo in Dubai presenting IGF 2021 at sessions there so he's giving you is very warm welcome and he's doing very good job.

 for promoting and presenting the IGF in Qatar visa.

 Just quickly for you things, yes, about the clock it's very interesting, we have decided to put it just not to scare anybody or just to get anxious but.

 To be aware of how many days we have left it's not so many just around 4047 now Nevertheless, it gives us, you know the good spirit and good.

 dynamism of work, and we feel very you know very.

 Encouraged by this clock to work even harder at the very last at the very last state of preparations, of course, will be our good colleagues from USA and the IGF Secretary that we are.

 Continuing our continuous continue our preparations for this, but this year's event.

 Do more updates from my side one update on the information on the carpet 19 I know I followed the reason this exchange of correspondence between the mag members to the IGF Secretary at the Madam, Madam.

 Madam chair under yet on this and we are preparing and finalizing the updated information with good colleagues from us and the IGF Secretary.

 Particularly on the eye on the covered 19 and entering Poland, but also on the rules regarding the venue the ICC venue, so we are finalizing them and we do hope that the information be published at the latest, next week.

 Second update, for me, is on the international competition, my Internet of the future, we have received so far more than 600 submissions and applications for this event which makes us very happy.

 We have received essays films and graphics on the on the views of particularly young people youngsters.

 On the on their views on how they see the Internet in the future.

 And we are finalizing them the jury has a difficult task of selecting the winners, because we have so many submissions which many of them are most of them are very good and really representative of high level of.

 expertise and therefore we have a difficult task to do so, but we are, we are doing our best to.

 Do select the winners on this and we do hope to announce them in in a couple of weeks from now so that's all from my side if you have any questions.

 Please don't hesitate to answer to ask them and I will be more than happy to answer them Thank you back to you, Madam, thank you very much, have a very nice meeting.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thank you very much for sharing all of that.

 And let's move straight on to the updates from the secretariat, what I would like us to do as part of Item number three is to just revisit the action items from the last mug meeting.

 And I think some of them will be covered as much as arising in the course of this meeting, but it might be good to just revisit that but change it over to you.

 And not sure if you want to do the review of action items at the beginning of your update or at the end I leave that to you to decide.

>> Chengetai Masango: are okay i'll just well, let me just start with.

 That part, first, the first thing we did not do is the.

 People who could not attend this session, and so we had regrets from Giuliana.

 I see me and.

 granola and Courtney.

 Unfortunately they sent the apologies, they could not join the session.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: So i'm sorry I also forgot to note that.

>> Chengetai Masango: And as far as the Secretariat is concerned we've also put a link for the covered 19.

 updates on on our website as well, so it's on both on the host country website and also from the secretariat.

 website so you can see that there we have put in in the schedule we've put in, where the main sessions will be so main session planners, if you have not seen a chicken go to the website, and you can see.

 Where the main sessions will be.

 And then I will just do a quick round to see if there's anybody else from the Secretary who would like to.

 give an update.


>> Sorina Teleanu: hiding it I everyone serenely speaking the time, maybe we'll quick update from dynamic coalition's we have.

 published our paper report, whatever you want to call it.

 Looking at the work of dynamic coalition's over the years, and also their place within their ideological system with some recommendations and suggestions for issues, issues to look at.

 And this is now under public comment until November so we're kind of remind that request to everyone to please take a look at the reporting, you have any comments or suggestions to send them our way.

>> Chengetai Masango: Very much serena.

 Lewis you wanted to.

>> Luis Bobo: Thank you and good night now, I just wanted to say that, in the two training sessions English we're going to practice a hybrid the hybrid meetings.

 have been planted for first and second week of November, as we have discussed, we are already in the calendar.

 i'm would invite him well.

 Mother volunteer moderators session organizer session moderators and as well as any other interested agent can be a remote the speakers, a remote hubs.

 Of the idea is to have some kind of em a taste of what could happen in a session so how it works, a.

 In the online system how this is embedded into the into the system, how we can receive the information from on site.

 into zoom However, it was the floor how a moderator can give the floor and all these a kind of aspects, so all this will be there and we will accept the or was he will will will will do two sessions, as we usually do.

 One morning the morning of utc other one rather in the afternoon we will record both sessions and am.

 I mean, I mean we have always had had the session about the understand that this year, they can have more focus into every, for example, this year we're going to have.

 zoom all the time on a screen in in in Canada we'd say and we're going to have for as well, speaking you with the transcriptions at one time.

 So we'll explain all that in these Tutoring sessions and i'm open for suggestions from a hybrid working group hybrid any other agent as well.

>> Chengetai Masango: Thank you, thank you very much to us anybody else eleonora or anybody.

>> Eleonora MAZZUCCHI: i'm sorry sorry, thank you for calling me check it out, but I just wanted to note that Theresa has her hand.

>> Chengetai Masango: Oh i'm.


>> Tereza Horejsova: Yes, sorry if I can jump in right from the capacity building sessions this is extremely extremely extremely important if we want the hybrid he have to be a success and.

 I don't know and the working group on hybrid has been stressing the importance of dedicated capacity building to since we started.

 kind of, so I would just like the rate, the rate what I think I also said that the open consultations that decisions need to be prepared very, very carefully, that we need to go way beyond.

 The technical aspects on how to you know, contribute to sessions i'll do to call in a remote speaker and so on, so forth.

 And I just feel that we need to in a very dedicated way work with the session organizers.

 I am, at the same time, a little bit concerned because we are talking about this 40 days before the event.

 And we have greater at that emanated we are ready, as for the working group on hybrid to step in to help out.

 But we need to also focus on the soft skills like how to successfully moderate a session, how to make the session flow very well the role of the chat moderator how to prepare a scenario for the session.

 The hybrid idea also as we you know, have been trying to discuss with the MAC goes beyond just accommodating online and onsite participants, but also contributing to much more interactive.

 session for months so that's where we need to step in and really support the session organizers as much as possible.

 So I would just like to stress that this is a super important thing, and that we cannot just do the sessions like we used to do.

 In the previous years, and I would very welcome neck, to take this seriously and to be involved to, to the extent possible.

 practically speaking what I think would be a good next step if we could learn, who is probably from you as soon as possible with the suggested.

 kind of session for not as where do you see a space for our possible involvement interested and how we can really make sure that we are answering to any confusion and demands that session organizers and even participants might be having Thank you.

>> Chengetai Masango: Thank you very much.

 From the technical.

 Side Lewis, has been working on this for quite some time and, yes, it is not going to be the same sessions that we had.

 Three years ago, please put a whole lot of thought into it and, yes, he will get back to you.

 Later on, during the week or early next week and.

 You can have further discussions, but I have complete faith in Lewis and he will, of course, reach out to.

 All those that are concerned.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: i'm sure you're tired, I think you know just to jump in here, and I think why don't loris share the outline and the presentations.

 And I mean if by this Friday, ideally, because that would give mag members and till next you know all of next week.

 to comment because I mean but but maybe Louise if you need a bit more time, I think, Monday would probably be fine and I also would like to to check whether.

 What we're expecting from reporters and from session reports, whether that is going to be in the material as well, and then I think, as we, as we.

 discussed earlier we can't just rely on Lewis and his team, I think people should support him, I think Lewis, you should feel free to invite Mike members to join into their sessions and remember.

 Our virtual meeting prior to the to the Geneva meeting, we also agree there would be a guide, so the materials that we use for the training would also be repackaged.

 And to be a guide and I think that then creates a written document which the mag working group hybrid of other magnet man Members can contribute on.

 That can contribute to it, but let me, let me just check, are you already have you already included content on and reporters the role of property what's expected over aperture and what's expected of reports or is that still something that you need assistance with.

>> Chengetai Masango: fiction, but.

 yeah that's.

>> Luis Bobo: that's completely exactly that's, the only thing that you have said, that is not included in this meeting this meeting, even not being fully technical it refers to the running of the session, not about.

 The reporting or decision themselves that can be easily as well, we have other kinds of meetings for that.

 They are rather organized by the reporting team, and even if there is some technical aspect in introducing the data for the reports it's more.

 How it is going to be extracted the output, so this is for the a for this training session of higher ED as a I mean, I would say that there are several sections in which will have em.

 Already I mean guys from from the different things that we put on the table, this is some uses the CSA connections, and this is, for example, best practices in the softer skills that fellas.

 refer before, so we have documents about that and basically we present this during the session, but most of the session time, or at least half of the session time.

 Is practice is questions and clarifying content, so I could also put if you want, and they fake use again that that were a of him God by their hybrid in a guru working group we don't need to enter into the dining with them, but a This is like the background of.

 The hybrid yeah we can discuss as well, so there will be like three four sections, I can, of course, will share a by the end of this week, or, if not a beginning of next week.

 In the planning and the documents that will have with a the working group on a hybrid hybrid thing.

 And i'm more than happy to that any MAC member is also invited attending, and so there are two things to reach like.

 The print these things, and she continues to invite the audience able to hear we usually invite, as I said, and the session organizers who themselves invite where where where can be involved with indecision become interested.

 We invite a remote hop organizers as well, because this their interest they they also require the floor, they can have a specific a roles and during a meeting or moderators country them in a different way, they have to connect and also remotely organize.

 session side, and we also connect the volunteers that are going to host a session, so this is basically a it's like a rehearsal.

 A question and we hear sort of what a session would be after some theoretical, but we have a increase it from the 90 minutes to 120 minutes, the session for this year, because we need to discuss more of them is how hybridity.

 But yes, this is this is more or less the planning if you're fine with that i'm very happy with suggestions here on later.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thank you, Louise.

 And I see their hands but China did you wanted to add more before we go to the speakers list.

>> Chengetai Masango: um.

 No, I mean we can.

 We will be we're just going through the Secretary to.

 see if there was anybody.

 who want who who wanted to inform the mag on anything else, but since I think Adam and Roberto and amanda have got questions on this subject, I think we should take the questions.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: let's do that shana time would like eleonora to tell us a bit more about the social media mapping.

 contactless that cheese circulated but let's go to the floor and then we have Roberto and then i'm Adam Adam you go first.

>> Adam Peake: I hi everybody either speaking yeah just to sort of reinforce what trays was saying.

 We, the starting point for the summer of course Lewis, is doing a great job and and Elton yes absolute confidence, but the point is the starting point is really have all the session organizers being contacted.

 Do we know and the questions we want to ask is is to make sure, do you actually know that this meeting is going to be hybrid because don't be surprised if somebody says no.

 Are you aware that the platform, you will be using zoom because I would not be at all surprised if.

 People aren't aware of that, because it's the nature of things, we know that the responses we see when we send out email and not always ideal.

 To ask them, are you and the organizing group attending on site are your speakers attending on site or your speakers online, will you be online.

 and getting some basic information and there's this sort of introductory conversation that really needs to start a new and it may have already been done.

 But if it's not We really do need to know this and then, when the the sessions are held to have a discussion with with people about how it will operate.

 And so they understand something about what the arrangement will be both in in zoom and also the audience that will be on site I think there's a familiarity with what an audience on zoom.

 Online will look like and what the audience will experience on site there's some really quite basic things to walk through so that people know what it is that they're going to be organizing for and then how.

 And then taking information about the types of interactivity that they're planning on not planning and so on.

 But there's some basic stuff and I know it sounds a bit silly to say, are you aware that it's hybrid than that probably people are aware of that.

 But i'm quite sure there are some people who are aware aren't aware that they're going to be using zoom platform.

 And someone will you know, a week before the IGF and say, well, how do I plug in my big button or Microsoft teams, or something because that's what happens when you get very large groups people.

 doing these things anyway so there's some really basic stuff that needs to be organized and that's what i'm trying to convey, and then we can move on to the details.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: and master.

>> Roberto Zambrana: Thank you very much.

 Hello colleagues.

 I just wanted to comment that, as we all know, this is our our most important, I will say activity, so far, because.

 We are, we are going to try to do with this with this simulation is that to provide hopefully the best scenario for success in our IGF and we all know that there are a lot of things that can go wrong, and as much as simulations we have.

 I think that will be the only the only strategy that will prevent us to have this kind of problems in the future so that's why I will really like to.

 request to all to all our MAC Member colleagues to participate in this in this simulation in this rehearsal it's really, really important for all of us to do it it's as crucial as the time we were.

 evaluating proposals because depending on this, we will have the great success that we all want, and I would like to do a suggestion I will really like for everyone to have already.

 registering so Louise and and and and the team, and also the host country, they will know in advance, at least from our group from from from the MAC members side.

 Which of us are going to participate in the simulation again I think it's really important for all of us to participate, thank you.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks very much better, and I really I think everything you and Adam at said and teresa's comments, these are really, really important.

 and Secretary, I know you are already giving this very serious attention, so I think just take these comments as affirmation as support but also look at whether you shouldn't actually be building any additional.

 aspect Angeles, and I think absolutely the simulation and mag Members participating very important a model your next.

>> Amado Espinosa: Thanks for it in I think this is this is more equation for premise low is that in to the racist comment that he actually there is a programming committee.

 announced into the homepage from the event.

 From the Polish.

 homepage in, I would like to know if there is any specific recommendation document or expectation from this.

 High Level programming committee here regarding the program of the IDF at this point in how can we better coordinate with them the communications treasury eventually the all the activities that they have in mind.

 I can, I can imagine coming up from their different.

 Responsibilities that they have in place thanks.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thank you for that model, and can you respond to that question.

>> Przemyslaw Typiak: Yes, I.

 Can yes, I can.

 share my yes, I will reply from from the perspective of the host country and the shame that I might add, on this.

 Also, as well, regarding the programming Committee, this is a group.

 Like the mag is composed of different.

 Experts and representing different stakeholders, we have thought of having maybe not a similar entity but.

 group of people selected from different stakeholder groups representing, just like the idea of Community presenting different sectors we have.

 selected these people in order to support us to facilitate the preparation of the possible input and.

 insight to the IGF 2021 agenda, especially the day zero agenda, so we are, we have just like the MAC has.

 Structured meetings we also have meetings with them on the on a bi weekly bi weekly bi weekly basis, so we are coordinating with them, but of course.

 The the setting and the main decisions go through our discussions with the mag and with the IDF and given this other, for this is a supporting about it, like the mag.

 But these experts are cooperating with us on the daily basis, so we, of course, very welcome their expertise and very good support on the professional basis but.

 Regarding the question of maybe engage with the this.

 This group of people.

 I don't know, would you would regarding the your question, would you be willing to somehow get in touch with those people, or would you like to know what what is the current engagement, the, could you please elaborate more on that thank.

>> Amado Espinosa: You, but just just see if if they have any specific expectation from the from mark from the secretariat and if we can do that, we can really coordinate, but they are doing what we are expecting to accomplish during the event that's that's all my my question thanks.

>> Przemyslaw Typiak: Actually, responding to your question, thank you very much for this question.

 We are co cooperating and coordinating with them our all of our.

 actions and activities which we then give to the IDF secretariat at the mag so we have a good connection with them, and all of the addresses and the.

 Questions are being further addressed to the idea of Secretary do understand the mega so there isn't anything that they are working currently on which is not being further on addressed to other entities and other.

 Groups interested like the IGF secretariat, or the next Oh, we are, we have very good cooperation with them and.

 All of the.

 requests and.

 And their daily basis is being.


 carefully analyzed by us and.

 turn around extended to to the the IGF UN community, if I may, I may put it this way, but maybe I think that I could add on this as well, thank you.

>> Chengetai Masango: Thanks JEREMY I mean, as far as i'm concerned, I do not think that there's any need for an interface between the mag and the local organizing group, as such, I mean.

 It is so Mike and Christopher and his team are that interface that that we do, and I think let's just keep lines of communication, simple and as.

 As emeka says that you know.

 Information goes back and forth back and forth, they are not a.

 Parallel Organizing Committee, and they do I mean I mean they they they isn't a.

 Local Organizing Committee organizing the main session so no I mean.

 that's what the mag is doing so I think it's just it'll just confuse things if we do that.

 I think let's just keep things as it is, I mean there's always been a local organizing committee and for every single host country and they deal with stuff that is local.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: i'm sensing a tie, I think, actually, that if we are reviewed the action items from the Geneva meeting or the last meeting, and it will be clear as well, because I think.

 That there are action items on communications which I think can can reinforce the idea.

 of working or turmeric and Christopher and his team on communications as well, and I agree with you, we don't necessarily need to create new lines.

 of communications, we just need to make sure that we have sufficient ones, and that we use them well but i'm mindful, now that mag members.

 have asked to present their main sessions, they have to go, so I i'd like to come back to this general update.

 At the end of the call and for now for us to I will have an update from one who sent me an update on the mapping of the issue areas.

 But i'd like us to start with the main session proposals, because I know we have mag Members that have to leave and so Susan Thomas are you still with us.

>> Susan Chalmers : And then indeed.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Well, in that.

 let's now move on to the main session outlines and we'll go through them quickly and then we'll have discussion and then we'll come back to these general items, so I have Susan as opposed to go first and sookie, thank you for willing to swap you will go next so Susan over to you.

>> Susan Chalmers : Thank you, and thanks again I really appreciate it just very briefly.

 As an update on the universal access and meaningful connectivity main session, the title of the session will be how can we achieve a multi lingual Internet and.

 The session will be open with keynote remarks.

 by the director of the development bureau vtt you that is mystery and bug to Martin.

 Who will.

 focus on the linguistic component or being able to access content on one own language as an element of meaningful connectivity.

 We are very lucky to have to co moderators Sylvia can kadena and Sonia George who are also co chairs the of the pma and we have two speakers confirmed at this point.

 RON mohan, who is the chief operating Officer of affiliates and then, though I think we need to follow up with a son Carlos Brazilian content creator and journalist online journalist.

 Renata to pin him.

 Excuse excuse me, may have mispronounced that hurt her surname I have reached out to folks that you know Cisco and we're continuing to receive suggestions for more speakers, but I just like to ask folks on the call.


 whose language in your country is not.

 English or actually kind of ascii based.

 If if you have any suggestions for government speakers I think it'd be particularly powerful if we could have a higher level government speaker on this panel to speak to relevant policies in this area so local content and.

 The development and support of content and local languages, so please feel free to reach out to me and share those those speakers suggestion ideas i'd like to ask if Roberto or Carlos.

 or Karim or retail would would like to contribute to this update Thank you.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Any additions thanks, very much for that Susan.

 I know there's a comment comment in the chatroom Carlos phone so just talking about the travel hurdles that might.

 stop people from Brazil traveling but, but hopefully they'll still be able to participate, even if it is virtual.

 i'm just checking for hands now hands at this point.

>> Roberto Zambrana: I could jump in a little bit.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Please go ahead.

>> Roberto Zambrana: Thank you very much, you know, I just wanted to add that, as we will really agreed with the group in my side also.

 I also asked it one a colleague what's going to perhaps support us in a universal acceptance so that's another that will be perhaps another good addition to the to the.

 To the session, but those are things that we will be defining in the following days that's I think.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: about and I think that's that's excellent to to bring the universal acceptance and component so congratulations.

 And I think you've done really well and you've got a good brief description, which is something the Secretariat needs.

 And you'll get support on speakers and Susan I do have some general remarks to make on speakers, but i'll make that at the end of all the proposals and i'm sure that that that.

 And you'll see it in the summary and I can also share with you one on one so thanks to Susan and to everyone else who worked on universal access and meaningful connectivity.

 By the way, I also like how your main session proposal compliments and and and builds on and does different things from your preparatory phase session and does anyone have any questions or comments for for this group at this point in time.

 We will have opportunity for general discussion later on.

 And I do not see any hands, right now, so congratulations to that issue team and let's move on to digital cooperation that's an emerging and cross cutting theme cross cutting issue and sookie are you ready to share your report with estes.

>> Sooki Dofel: to propel yes, yes, thank you very much, only it.

 I think, no lies not opening the document for me.

 First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone who contributed to to this document and last minute there, there have been a lot of remarks and I tried to come up with a consolidated and finalized.

 Draft that you can see here, I think the the new thing that came in was.

 The discussion on the global digital compact that the UN.

 As she has mentioned, and also the future summit that should be had integrated 23 and what was also new or not new but.

 What I emphasized here in this draft is also the aspect of what kind of role should IGF play in future in order to strengthen digital cooperation in general.

 So a lot of ideas and, as I said before, a new consolidated document and what is not integrated into this one is the Tony Blair institute Adam you flag, this one, for us, and in the first job it was to in the draft, but now we removed it also to make it a little bit more focused.

 And thank you so very much for suggesting all the speakers, that you can find in this document and there was only one remark coming from Hannah and she she observed that there was no one, for we presenting government and to propose that she could.

 Ask I think when I was the Minister of Center guy if i'm not mistaken, and I asked.

 It was Senegal right.

>> Hana AlHashimi: Sierra Leone.

>> Sooki Dofel: As yeah no no all right, thank you very much, and I think I would just include this suggestion also into the list so that we have someone.

 from government representative in our panel and the next step would be, of course, to to invite the speakers at approach the speakers, if you have any additions or suggestions, please let me know and please feel free to to also come up with new ideas, if you want to.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: So it's just i'm muting.

 Any any any other, are you done or should we are useful.

>> Sooki Dofel: i'm done i'm done, thank you very much.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Okay, any comments any additions from anyone else in this issue team.

 I was actually curious to read that play institute article because it actually sounds like.

 It could have been written six years ago, and then republished because it's actually articulating a you know some positions that came up during the working group or enhanced cooperation.

 and which at that point didn't actually get out of the room so so it was interesting to to see that article being referenced in the news again.

>> Adam Peake: Oh sorry that was.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Were you asking for the floor.

>> Adam Peake: I am yes sorry.

 yeah I was going to say exactly the same thing that the Blair document is not particularly useful it takes us back into discussions before the roadmap and but the discussions that evolved around the moment.

 yeah I was just gonna say that the there was a suggestion wasn't by me and i'm trying to remember who it was.

 that the government government of Germany has been particularly involved and supportive of.

 issues around development of the UN Secretary General sort of framework etc or might might be considered as a sort of one of the you know, a party that has a position to put forward but i'd have to look back into the notes of meetings to find out who it was and I mentioned that.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: I didn't Thank you very much for that i'm just looking at this, any other questions any other comments by the way, great work I think that's going to be an interesting session.

 I think I have general comments on the speakers, but they apply to all the the main session and proposals I think i'm sookie The one thing that you still need is a short.

 concise summary that can be useful promotional purposes for for the show, but it looks good any comments or questions for this group.

 I don't see any hands.

 And MAC Members also if you need anything Oh, I see, I see a hand from and sift all the hit dial a chance and i'm not sure who, that is, is they do suki.

>> Jutta Croll: No, no, sorry it's it's your turn.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Your turn please good.

>> Jutta Croll: My organization I.

 I forgot to rename my my account, I just wanted to underline what Adam just said, and I think we have discussed that previously.

 wasn't it also how now i'll assume us been mentioning the role that the German Government was playing i'm not sure how life of put you know, on the spot, but definitely I do think it would be both to reach reach out to to the colleagues and I know that.

 Rudolph has changed his position also is still with the Federal Ministry of Economics, but Daniela branch true who had been co co chairing the MAC during the preparation for the German IGF she's still in her position and she would probably also be able to speak in the session.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: And by the way, actually, the new German Internet Ambassador whose name I can't remember right now but I spoke on a panel with her not long ago, and she was completely brief she was she was really very, very well informed on the roadmap issue the options pepper and.

>> Jutta Croll: You wouldn't that have been done, you know.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: No, no she's reading the new person I look up her name she's she's more than daniella.

>> Jutta Croll: Okay, thank you.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: i'll put it in the chat.

 And Hannah Please go ahead and very nice to have you with us on it.

>> Thanks.

>> Hana AlHashimi: Thank you so much.

 Well, I mean this has been a humbling humbling call and process we.

 I apologize first off for for being less present this year, as have shifted as many of you know, to the to the climate change space.

 And for for the government representatives here very much value the support we just as the UAE just just one.

 or just found a solution within the Asia Pacific group to host the climate conference in two years, so I do hope that, as I leave them like that i'll be able to still work with many of you.

 In the climate process moving forward and, but I do apologize that I wasn't able to join, of course, in Geneva.

 or be as active as previous years, and perhaps as a result, it seems to have been forgotten that we had the privilege of working with Germany.

 On championing digital cooperation and roadmap over the last year and, indeed, starting the process since 2017.

 But that's Okay, because I think that's part of the the multilateral system and the beauty of the Multi stakeholder system where things can take a life of their own.

 Beyond kind of the the historical origins and and perhaps the context in which they they start, so I do think it's it's powerful to see.

 how things have progressed I do absolutely Second, it was a huge honor and privilege to work with Germany, I think that.

 It would be brilliant to continue to have them involved, I did mention by email, we did include the chief innovation officer and.

 Minister of Education in Sierra Leone last year, and he was in town, so I just asked if you wanted me to invite him on still happy to to reach out just to have more representation.

 And right, I guess i'm just less clear on how these decisions are happening and but.

 No, I mean anyway nice to hear you all, and thanks etc to ponder the name of the new cyber Ambassador we miss hold off, but i'm sure be excellent to have had this representative in the discussion, thank you.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks very much.


 You tell your hand is still up is that an old hand.

>> Jutta Croll: Let us know what happened.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: And so, thanks for your time thanks sookie you have some some more.

 input to work with and.

 And I know we are, this is the deadline for these proposals, but I think we, as we said to you, you still have time to to look at the speaker composition and so so make use of their time and these good suggestions.

 Shall we move on to the next main session proposal I don't see any further hands or is a hand, but I think it's an old hand i'm just checking.

 On that story your hand, yes, so let's move on and next we have economic and social inclusion and human rights, and congratulations to the digital cooperation team as well, I know you've done a lot of work.

 Who is presenting for economic and social inclusion.

 and human rights.

>> Afia Faith: Hello everyone.

 So far you know always Nice, the politician Elf uses because coffee mission.

 not fully speakers, you have.

 To have confirmed as who do like to spit, but it will be online and also want to know is it any.

 Support like Java support available for speakers, thank you.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: and Secretary, can you just scroll down a little, so we can see a bit more of the description of this main session.

 and show you how you can respond to the question for of travel support, and if you have to my knowledge, no not unless they're had applied already, but a Shanghai, can you just give a response to this question on travel support for speakers.

>> Chengetai Masango: Yes, exactly the deadline for requesting for travel support was the 30th of August, so it is.

 Not possible unless that person is a member of parliament or a minister everything else has been closed.

 Sorry, do you hear me.

>> Afia Faith: You recommend a.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Good I see em do you do, you have to.

 Do you have anything else that you wanted to cover.

 In the description.

>> Afia Faith: So yeah you didn't get your question.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Are you complete a few do you want to tell us a bit more about the main session.

 Maybe we can scroll down to where you have speakers.

 A bit more thanks Louise there.

 There it is great.

 thanks for that and and a fee.

 If we can just what is the Can we just go back to the main description sorry to make you jump up and down do is, I just want us to go back to the overall focus okay.

 I said i'm just looking at this, is one that I actually didn't look at in detail before today.

 I think what would you say is the main.

 topic or main content of focus of the discussion.

>> Afia Faith: And the focus will be on the new challenges, the challenges of the new technology in the Corbett.

>> Okay.

>> Afia Faith: Jeff is doing that.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Great so that I think is the kind of thing that one wants to to stand out, you know when you when you look at the description that that stands out.

 You know quite loudly and clearly, but it's such a relevant topic, so I think it's really good that you are focusing on that and any comments any other questions for this or any contributions from other Members of this issue team.

>> JUNE PARRIS’s iPad: Good more pedal it's June guys from Barbados it's still morning here yeah I just want to add to what you were saying, should we levels have been sent out.

 To speakers, I think there was only one confirmation, and that was Sarah.

 couldn't is it Sarah I think it's Sarah and she's the one who's asking for funding.

 So i've been trying to think of ways that she can get funding just myself and happy we've been talking this morning, apart from the atf and then of course the mormon religion on the response from the speakers before we send we hope to send reminder levels out by the end of the week.

 So I think we're going to talk about that later today say by Friday will give them time to respond to the letters that were sent.

 yeah the only response we we had actually was Sarah and she's actually the moderator isn't No, sorry we've had other response and that's name air and she's going to be the moderator so the rest of them we're going to check up on them by the end of the week, I just want to say that.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: thanks for that June, then you have your hand up, please, please go ahead.

 hi Andrea.

>> Ben Wallis: Ben wallace for my MAC Member, I wonder if you could scroll down to the speakers again.

 So just very late breaking news in the last five minutes i've written back to confirm that Steve crown microsoft's Vice President for human rights is confirmed as a speaker and he will be there in person, and I think you can see, yes, that there's also just.

 The academic had confirmed and Sarah so it looks like there's three confirm speakers, as well as the moderator and Steve brown will actually be there in Category J, even if the other two speakers so far might be remote.

 So I just wanted to share that good news i've only just five minutes ago written to the heat the main session organizers but i'm very happy to have Microsoft involved in this session.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: So it's very much for that Ben and good news for for for this issue team evil, and you have your hand up Please go ahead.

>> Evelyne Tauchnitz: Thank you to everyone.

 haven't been.

 very active in this group for the last three weeks because I was on holidays, but it's great to see that that some speakers have already confirmed the participation.

 From earlier talk mentor ramdev seen Michelle bachelor name I don't know if I contacted her family and she denied already are, but I think should have been really great to have her as a speaker just maybe.

 You can give a short update on that.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: update on Michelle brush led the High Commissioner, Commissioner, Commissioner.

>> Afia Faith: that's why i'm in.

 This in the file, based on the response me.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: know you might also if you looking at the human rights machinery or mechanisms of the UN, you might want to look at the committee.

 The Treaty body for the economic and cultural, economic and social and cultural rights and the body that actually does the country reviews and works with with Member States.

 on implementing economic, social and cultural rights and there's some really good people there in fact they used to be a Polish chair for a long time I don't know who it is at the moment, but it might be worth looking at them and then I think just.

 The secretariat will also be able to make suggestions, because if you recall the High Level sessions organized by your Endesa and the secretariat last year, focused on related topics and they really brought together some some really good speakers from from UN agencies, so.

 But again, you don't need too many speakers, and you have some really good ones so so don't feel obliged to have too many more people it's just good to have.


 I see a hand no evil and that's your that's important hand, so if there are no other questions for this group congratulations and it's coming on really nicely give the Secretariat short concise.

 Paragraph suki was asking how many words i'll let eleonora answer that but something that conveys why this is exciting and why people should be attending this main session.

 And let's move on and congratulations to to afi and June and Evelyn and everyone else in this issue.

 So next we have and emerging regulation market structured content data and consumer rights and protection, the issue with the longest team so who's presenting for us.

>> Roman Chukov: I don't know I can start a new user can continue, or vice versa.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks Roman Please go ahead.

>> Roman Chukov: So basically our main I think we, we are more or less done with everything besides speakers and just before this call, we spent very useful one hour conversation, and we are very close to finalize the speakers I don't know if we can scroll down the document.

 For the speakers part.

 So basically we have three pillars data content and Ai and we have just prioritized.

 two speakers to three speakers in each of the sections and we can really ask all of our working group members to check it the priorities choice, so that may be in next couple of days.

 We can have a final call to define it the same goes to the prep session speakers, since we just realized today that we are not yet finalized with them either.

 You do want to add something.

>> Jutta Croll: Now I think you have.

 Given all the information that we agreed on in our previous call Thank you Roman.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks Roman yes, this one, I followed quite closely and I think you know I think you've really come to a very.

 constructive and interesting conclusion which responds very much to what the Community asked for, which is looking at the pros and cons of regulation and then looking at a few different areas, so I think.

 I think it's it's looking really good and you've done a lot of work since Geneva since that since the last meeting so it's just a matter of filtering through all your speaker.

 presentations making sure you've got diversity and also diversity of perspectives I think that's that's that's always challenging with the main session, but you do want to to to present the bed, so I think you're heading very much in that direction.

 And Robin anything to add, or shall we shall we move on to description, I think, is nearly ready and but just make sure that everyone is happy with it and send it to the secretariat.

>> Roman Chukov: Thank you, yes, I think this week we're going to finalize everything.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: And Okay, I think we can move on.

 and Secretary i'm correct you you happy to have confirmed speakers as they're concerned so so maybe if you can just give madman the sideline or how you would like them to handle that.

>> Chengetai Masango: I mean, up to a point they has to be a time where we have to freeze the schedule and this piece of speakers.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: And, and we said, I think that was that more or less the end of the month.

>> Chengetai Masango: And we actually have it So yes, up to the as they come up to the end of the month, yes.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Okay let's move on and congratulations to to the emerging regulation team.

 Any Questions No comments, I see no hands even is that an old hand.

 And yes, it is it's an old.

 I just want to go through the chat as the Secretariat brings up the next main session proposal.

 eleonora saying two to three paragraphs I think that might be too long to do three sentences is that perhaps what you meant eleonora.

>> Eleonora MAZZUCCHI: Thank you chair um no I I didn't mean to to three paragraphs in the sense that they would be short paragraphs, but I I understand what you mean in terms of the need for brevity i'm i'm, taking into account that the descriptions, as they are, are are quite a bit longer than that generally.

 But if.

 If really.

 yeah the interest is to be shorter than yeah we could even keep it to one paragraph, but I just want to make sure that.

 session facilitators.

 Are are comfortable with the fact that their descriptions or are going to be.

 Short and short of it.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: I think sooner because initially jewel if you know if it's more than one brief paragraph people won't read it know that this is people can still click through to detail on the.

 You know, under session which can give them more information and mag Members are also encouraged our background documents, but I think the the basic information for the purposes of the scheduled does have to be concise.

 And just as a comment for Roman and everyone else in that team, and there is a comment from our cover very important comment, and I think they have taken this into account, but but it's good to stress it.

 That for the emerging regulation main session it's very important that you have participation from government policy makers and regulators and I would add to them.

 I also think, from business because I think you also need to to present the voice of of those that have to comply with the regulations.

 And here, you know here, how are they going to react to that so, so I think it is it's one of the sessions, when I think very strong diversity of stakeholders and stakeholder perspectives is really important.

>> Roman Chukov: Very quickly, we have so far.

 Several options from a government organization from the Parliament.

 From one governmental agency, I think, from the speaker from Korea if i'm not confusing, but what we are really liking this.

 Good technical community and a good business representative also will already have civil society, so if we are now thinking who from Facebook or Google can be the best.

 speaker to address, so if some of you have any good ideas and like contact, so that we can straightaway contact the person that would be amazing contribution to rick and we are now in the process of defining the best speaker from the business part.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks thanks Robin and i'll continue to help you with that and other mag Members please, if you have suggestions we have a mag Member from Facebook as well Khalid.

 So i'm not sure if he's with us today, but you can always write to him and to ask him, and for help with getting someone from Facebook.

 I see this a hand and from to map pleased America to go ahead and and just well to me as taking the mick Adam is asking general question.

 In the chat what is our preference for main session speakers being on site, or at least the balance of uncertain online.

 And, and I would say that, thus far, we've given mag Members and all session organizes a full reassurance that it's a fully hybrid meeting.

 So I don't think we have given a preference and and I think it would be unfair to introduce a preference at this time, but obviously having people on site would be fantastic, but I would I would caution against expressing a preference at this point in time.

 To mayor.

>> Timea Suto: Thank you i'm real for giving me the floor of this is to mashiko past nine number.

 Just to comment on the idea of having strong business speakers and emerging regulations such session here i'm very sorry for having Mr impromptu meeting that we had.

 Earlier today I couldn't make it due to scheduling conflicts, but I would like to propose, I see that in the in the.

 speaker suggestions, there are three speakers from Google and very happy to volunteer to reach out to the organization and.

 get in touch with the teams, or the speaker's themselves, I know some of them quite directly and and figure out whom they would see is the best friend from the organization.

 To to participate in the session and let them decide who is the best fit for for our conversation on data, but if I can I love to suggest to these consider one more business speaker, you know social like this.

 Given the fact that a lot of the conversations around the issues at the underlined involve quite a lot of measures that will target the private sector so.

 Ideally i'd love for business speaker on their each of those session components, but I would suggest to at least consider one more one more business speaker for this session because I think otherwise it would be very unbalanced, thank you.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks to man known it might be interesting to get to to get a business speaker from.

 You know, maybe.

 A media company or a or a newspaper, you know somebody.

 or a publishing company just just so I think we often when we talk about regulation and, of course, the big Internet companies are very, very important.

 But there is a more diverse business ecosystem up there, you know and it might be, it might be, you know good to interesting to to bring.

 them in as well, but let's move on, I see there's a long and there's a message here from from kind of.

 A phone so just talking about the difficulty of online participation that we shouldn't underestimate that and he talks about time time zones and so and and he says that it's easy for him to wake up early and go to bed let you do it very well Carlos.

 So that is a limitation, but we have to live with that so let's move on, I see no other hands on on this session, and thanks to this team.

 And let's move on to environmental sustainability and climate change, know I think Giuliana said she can't present but she did send an update and i'm not sure who's going to present for us if that will be Joyce or Teresa or someone else go ahead.

>> Joyce Chen: hi this is Dr Jennifer sumac Member thanks tanya i'll be presenting the update for this one, so we took in the comments and the feedback from the last meeting regarding our draft proposal.

 that it was a little bit broad and unfocused and so what we've done is actually to kind of narrow down the focus a lot more just looking at environmental data and Internet governance.

 As you know, environmental data is a bit more mature in terms of the issues that are being discussed for Internet governance, there is a work stream.

 In the current policy number on environment and so we did also receive a lot of helping input from the veena, who is from the secretariat, who looks after the p amp D.

 And as well received some feedback on this proposal so um so just on this topic alone, we are really looking at the intersection between environmental data and its significance to Internet governance.

 How data will impact sustainability and then also looking at the potential for the Multi site for the Community to advance our policy making just, particularly in this area.

 We have also put down three topics around environmental data.

 So I won't go through that because that's already in the proposal, if you could just scroll down a little bit.

 To the number seven area.

 yep that's right, so we have three topics and then we are planning for time to have dialogue with the participants.

 So far, we haven't confirmed all the speakers and moderators we have only managed to confirm two.

 Of them and we do actually have quite an exhaustive list of speakers to go through, so our Our task is really to narrow down.

 Which speakers to confirm and as well the moderators I don't think it would be a problem for them it's really just a matter of availability, so if we scroll down, you will see some of the speakers that we've put down proposed speakers, and so this isn't super updated, but one Dirk.

 From gic is actually confirmed, but still showing showing a suggestion.

 If anybody has any recommendations for speakers in this area, we would love to hear from you, because some of these speakers they overlap with the p amp D.

 And then, some of them are not there they're not from the penny but they're from other areas as well, but, for example, we did name some speakers from places like netflix So if you scroll down just a little bit to the next page.

>> yeah.

>> Joyce Chen: Maybe up a little bit sorry.

 yeah so we did mean try to name some speakers that were from industry, rather than from society, and you know the usual government offices.

 But we don't necessarily have.

 The context so i'm not sure if if if people have contacts with these organizations, if you could share with us and we could make those connections to to reach out to them that would be great.

 So that's meaning it for us thanks very much.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks very much Joyce and anyone else from environment and who want to add.

 Any questions for them.

 i'm just reading and in the chat room and there's a comment from Marcus though for for and the emerging.

 For the digital corporate is this for the emerging regulation and.

 So just have a look, there was also an as an offer from Nicola to help find a speaker and then this is comment from mark.

 And with information and that could be really relevant, so please have a look at that thanks mark and but coming back to the environment.

 and any comments on this, I see this actually bolts quite well on the main session last year, which I think touched on this as well, to some extent, so any comments or question for this group.

 joy's with regard to your request about speakers actually want to make this point to everyone, I think we are relying enormously on our existing networks and contacts for speakers.

 And I think we should remember that this is the IGF and we can reach out to people, it might be a little bit difficult, we might have to use link in or.

 or other people in the institutions, but I don't think we should feel constrained to only invite people that we know all the people we know know.

 So I do think, I felt actually looking at all the main session proposals that we were still tendon tending to.

 Invite speakers for the main sessions, who are insiders who have been to the IGF before who who who we are familiar with and would be familiar with the IGF.

 And I think we did set ourselves a goal to be ambitious and to to reach out for for for people that are not necessarily insiders, so I think it's great that you trying to get the netflix sustainability officer so.

 And I think let's don't feel that you have to know somebody to approach, Mr Stewart you know you can write a message on linkedin.

 And just say this is the IGF and you're writing on behalf of the United Nations global Internet Governance Forum so so I don't you know, I think, maybe, maybe we are a bit shine at times.

 But let's move on, congratulations to this group as well, and remember to highlight what part of your descriptive material, the Secretariat can use for the show.

 let's move on to the next main session I don't see any further hands and Joyce has made it clear where they need help.

 evil, and I think your hand is still up is that an old hand.

 Yes, it's an old it's an old.

>> Evelyne Tauchnitz: Okay, I didn't realize I can take it down Okay, thank you.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: You can take it down and someone else can put it down for you, but usually in my calls we let people take it down themselves so next we have, and this is the last issue team presenting trust and security.

 Please go ahead, tell us about your main session.

 Are you presenting yes.

>> Amrita Choudhury: Thank you, Andrea time data for the record, so we have drafted the basic description, I will not go through it as and you can look at it.

 And if you can scroll down a bit, the agenda is we are trying to link it to the preparatory phase wherein you know we have a summary shared initially.

 Then we have the main trends, we would have two speakers, there would be an open discussion where we have a youth organization speaking on issues as well as.

 A journalist.

 You know, speaking about some breach That was the intention and we have an open discussion between different stakeholders on the issue area.

 followed by audience interaction and this and summarizing the key takeaways in terms of speakers, if you can just go down, we have proposed krista Spain is be the moderator.

 You know the key takeaways from the preparatory phase would be shared by shuttle kumar the speakers.

 For the main trends are Henry verdier he supposed to give the final confirmation next week Tuesday.

 Craig Jones was another name, which was suggested, and we are, we have requested secretariat's help to kind of can get a confirmation from him in terms of youth speaker, we have Josephine ballot from heat aid and from the journalist.

 Community we have Russia don't drag him from Amnesty International, if we can go down a both of them have confirmed.

 And then, for the main speakers, we have from business anastasio classical work from.

 kaspersky lab already from gcs kettering ghetto and Leslie France, the only thing which we have we have a lot of speakers now, but we are missing the lack area, this is something which we realized.

 In this session, we need help with one of the speakers, however, in the preparatory phase we have requested for help from Secretary to reach out to one speaker, so this is how it is you know we are open to comments, suggestions from all of you.

 And I also had another question about the preparatory phase, perhaps we'll get to know it later is since the session is on third.

 Will the speakers will we have to ask the speakers to register for the preparatory session or how would the links be shared, etc, in terms of logistics.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: sounds very much amrita I think let's let's give the Secretariat chance to to.

 brief us off to all the main sessions, and I think this is when we do when we're discussing the preparatory phase, I think that's coming in the agenda soon, because I think everyone wants to know.

 So thanks very much very good proposal, I thought it really looks good, and I think, yes, you need to speak from leg But aside from that you've got really very good.

 Good diversity and i'm sure they are mag Members as well, Maria Maria passes already just put in the chat that she can she can help you with a speaker so any comments or questions or additions from anyone else in this issue team.

 let's just go up to the main description, please Louise.


 also good that you are building on the preparatory phase session.

 I didn't see any hands.

 So congratulations to everyone in this issue team great work.

 So mad Members, I think that is it for the for the main session proposals and looked through most of them, and I just had a few questions or few comments that I just wanted to flag with you, they really just.

 General thoughts from me, and I think that, as I said already, that they're still not not consistently but there's still seem to me in general.

 A tendency to not be ambitious enough, and not to reach out for you know I would have left it to see someone invite the Facebook whistleblower that's been testifying flying to the US Senate, for example.

 You know it's it's a little bit more going for people that are in the news that are prominent and and you know, to create that that sense of.

 Of the IGF being the place where these conversations can continue in a more inclusive way, then they sometimes are discussed in the media.

 So I think that that's one thing just be ambitious reach out to new people people that haven't been to the IGF before.

 Then regional diversity and perspective diversity, you know we call it stakeholder diversity, but often it is about perspective diversity.

 The IGF is there to to work through differences of opinion and differences of approach and perspective so so always keep that in mind, and I think you have.

 moderators when you go for moderators remember that idea of main sessions are challenging it's difficult to to keep a room and a whole world of people online.

 interested and engaged in a main session because it's not always such an interactive format so make sure that your moderators are people of experience.

 And that you know, have a track record that are good that are good meghan markle festooned Paris yeah sorry i'm reading the chat it's very distracting.

 And so, make sure your moderators are really good enough confidence in in working with them reporters it's very difficult to be a reporter for a main session so also make sure your operators are excellent.

 And and have experience in writing this type of report i'll ask the Secretary to tell us a bit more about what they need from these reporters.

 And then the training of session organizers I think we talked about how important that is it's also going to be important for men session.

 organizers and for mag Members involved so so just just keep all of that in mind, but overall, I really do feel you've done fantastic work, and I want to congratulate you so congratulate and I hope you all feel proud and.

 willing to also congratulate yourselves on one another, I think there's a loose ends to tie and but otherwise I think you've done really good progress.

 And just looking at the chat here.

 And yes, Maria Teresa, for example, that that is is the kind of person that we want at the iga and Maria has spoken at ideas before, and she speaking of the original idea.

 So this is the the Filipino journalists to is one of the Nobel Prize winners, so please that the exciting suggestions in the chat do that let's try let's work together to reach these people, I think we can.

 So not to move back to our agenda and i'm not seeing any hands i'm just doing a check and of course chimeric and showing your town, you can interrupt me at any time.

 And next we have, as always, can you just scroll up a little bit, please, I think we missing.

 An agenda item if you can just go up a little bit thanks very much of the down so Item number.

 We know, an item number six.

 Which is comments on the new website so check it out, let me hand on to you and for for Item number six.

>> Chengetai Masango: Thank you very much, and yet, as you all know, we did publish we put our website, the new website on live.

 After the MAC meeting.

 So it's been live for about I don't know two weeks now, three weeks.

 we're still two weeks now we're still.

 Fixing minor issues and one or two issues that.

 We found with the website and we are, we are accepting comments as well, and with we'd like to thank those people who have submitted comments and doses working very hard on them.

 But yes, we would also like to get Magnum his views on the website and and we all here listening and.

 To see how we can improve the website.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: thanks for that China time I also just note that I did not go to the floor, the nri is to discuss their main session nor the DCS.

 And so I wanted to ask anya and serena eleonora do you want to present short reports now, or should we hold your main session the nri and dynamic coalition main session proposals for the next call.

>> Anja Gengo: and read this is anya if if it helps in the interest of time i'm happy with doing the update on the next call and for now, the MAC has the written update on that list of inputs, but whatever you prefer.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: I would prefer to to give it more time, you know, my concern is that if we if we do those two main session proposals know, then we don't have enough time to discuss them, which is often the case, so I would actually prefer to defer to the next call.

>> Anja Gengo: Of course, thank you, thank you for the agree.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks anya.

 So i'm just checking the chat and any comments for shana tiny any questions on the website.

 I don't see any any further questions, I would urge all the mag members to to go through the website and use it and and look at i've been doing it.

 And and i've you know gives you a sense of power is really a much, much easier and much easier to read website and and then that way when can also find links that are not.

 Working and so you know, the more we use it, the more help we can give the secretariat and ensuring a smooth transition so.

 Okay let's move on to.

 Item number seven, which is the updates on preparatory phase, but before we do that, I had asked the Secretariat earlier just to tell us a bit more about proper tours.

 And I mentioned that just now, as well, and we did have a really good presentation from the secretariat on the latest proposal that they've developed for the reporting process of IGF.

 And, which includes a very simple, easy to understand template for session organizers, but it would be helpful, I think now secretariat's arena women i'm not sure which of you can do that just.

 To give mag members clarity on what you will be expecting from them in terms of reports on both the preparatory phase and issue sessions and the main sessions during the annual forum.

>> Sorina Teleanu: Think on yet i'll try and win can jump in if there's anything to add on the preparatory phase, I think this was discussed extensively at the macworld demand magnifying in Geneva.

 And the idea was for the sessions to result in some short briefing.

 Documents or whatever we call them, which would then feed into the main session so that would be basically the reporting from the preparatory sessions in the domain sessions.

 But for the main stations at the idea of in December, I think it really is extremely important that mag Members do not see this reporting as an afterthought.

 Think of it as some sort of winning example you're setting for the Community, in terms of how you are reporting from the main sessions, because.

 For instance, the key takeaways with expecting two hours after the sessions will be used by the Secretary or to develop the message is and the better those takeaways are, the better the messages will be at the end of the day.

 So just to recap the short report if we call it like that is basically two three main takeaways from the meditation which have to be submitted two hours after the session.

 And this is the main responsibility of the session reporter, which means you do need to have a very good reporter, who is able to you know.

 synthesize the whole discussion into what was really the the most meaningful outcome and then make sure that is sending the short session report.

 And then, of course, you have more time for the more elaborated session report which everyone involved in decision can contribute.

 But really the most important element for the development of the messages throughout the IGF is this.

 Key takeaways we are expecting two hours after the session and again, please do think of it as some sort of an example you're sitting for the rest of the session organizers as they are developing their own takeaways of the decisions.

 and happy to answer any questions you might have, thank you.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks very much.

 I think i'm struggling to unmute here.

>> Sorina Teleanu: We can hear you.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Can you hear me oh good I zoom is freezing a little bit thanks, very much for that story now I think it's really important to stress that.

 And mag members for you, this is also way because you've been so immersed in the content and of the program and the focus that is your focus.

 Of this IGF, and this is a way in which you can be part of that process of generating messages and outputs any questions for for the Secretariat on the roles of reporters and what serena highlighted as what they need from you.

 i'm back I disappeared for a little bit I assume there were no questions Shanghai did anyone raise a hand.

>> Chengetai Masango: No, no.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: And so, thanks for that secretariat and mad Members take note and let's move on to the next item, which is further updates on the preparatory phase and secretariat, can you start us on that please.

>> Chengetai Masango: i'll hand it over to anya.

>> Anja Gengo: Thank you very much Shanghai and I am inviting Eleanor as well to join me I think probably all unwearable covered the.

 introductory sessions which are part of the preparatory phase as well i'll just speak from the capacity development aspect.

 So in in the framework of the preparatory phase what's upcoming is technically on Friday evening is a session are going to in cooperation with the youth lack IGF primarily aiming to.

 Foster stakeholder engagement into 20 2021 practices from the Latin American and the Caribbean region, but of course open to everyone to join it will be in English.

 And the idea is to have a session, where we will introduce all the concrete modalities for engagement currently in the process, including the prep phase, including the international work.

 And then of course the 16th IGF and cultivate said and respond to all the logistical questions that participants may have.

 After the session at the lack IGF the upcoming one would be then with the African IGF.

 And we are working with our colleagues to prepare that session, it will also focus on engagement into IGF 2021 just a review from a.

 From a perspective more on the international work on the High Level track parliamentary track and youth summit, and I think that that should hopefully also help to raise visibility of that those tracks as well.

 what's behind us just very quick recap, very recently, we hosted a webinar focused on youth engagement, together with our colleagues from the host country.

 And it was an interesting webinar where a number of young people really asked very good questions which I think prompted us to think to think even more.

 They relate mainly to the logistics of the meeting so coming to the points of today's and Adam from the beginning in terms of how the.

 Those participating from somewhere somewhere in the world, so outside of the idea of when you will be.

 able to participate and then for those planning to travel, how the visa practices will be facilitated and so on, so it was quite a fruitful discussion that we had and.

 What we are doing now is the anger summary and also trying to gather some faqs to see if there is something that that is missing in the current version of the faqs and was asked at that at that webinar.

 I think, from as and then, finally, on the second of November, there will be a capacity development workshop in cooperation again with Microsoft, that will be the second out of three.

 workshops again posted on digital transformation in the context of safety and security, and obviously some of the colleagues.

 Also, from the mag have been contacted by so we try to again engage members of the mag that to facilitate work on the social.

 Activities but also they never coalition's to ensure that we have speakers representing the age of 2021 practice in a way on this topic.

 So with that I think that's everything that I wanted to say, and I don't know if it'll allow us to cover body introductory sessions or not, if there are any updates there, thank you.

>> Eleonora MAZZUCCHI: Thank you for forgiving me the floor I I don't have too much to add and actually I wouldn't focus necessarily on the introductory sessions that are rather preparatory sessions that mag Members are leading but just quickly highlight a couple of upcoming.

 sessions in the preparatory and engagement phase calendar that are new or newly confirmed tomorrow there's a session, led by the DC on data driven health technologies.

 titled health matters, and the UN sendai a framework, I think that promises to be interesting, and we encourage many of you to join and then on as the Chair well knows, on the 17th of November.

 There will be the 16 years of IGF and evolution strengthening rather idea of evolution and strengthening that.

 takes a takes a look back at the IGF history, and of course also looks forward and is in the context of the IGF 15th anniversary also which we've been discussing a little bit.

 So that is confirmed on our preparatory calendar and something that I know some dedicated mag Members are working toward.

 Other than that, we discussed this at length at the at the beginning of the call, but obviously the two hybrid training sessions are confirmed on November fourth and 10th and those will of course be major major events in this in this face.

 that's all I have.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks, very much for that and and I really urge all mag members to register and join in these sessions, I think we we plan to them they've they've come up.

 quicker than, then I certainly expected them and I know this is a very busy time but they really are very good, they and the preparation for many of them have been really intense and I, I think, as.

 As in an order I said there'll be really interesting I I can't participate i'm actually going to Paris tonight for for some some.

 commitment there, but the health matters and.

 That the dynamic coalition is organizing and I think it's going to be incredibly interesting that that dynamic dynamic coalition on data driven health technologies.

 So a Magnum is, if you haven't registered yet, please do it also serves the purpose of being able to give feedback to the secretariat on the registration process.

 And then year 17 November will have the the learning, looking back at 15 years of the IGF but all the sessions, I think, are going to be really interesting so thanks very much and things in order for your work in in in supporting this process any questions any comments at this point.

 I see no hands i'm just checking the chat.

 And Nicola asked earlier actually Nicola frank about the High Level panels and the High Level exchange panels and Nicola there was quite a detailed report on that, during the previous Merkel and, as far as I know, they are.

 On the website, and you can actually if you look at the schedule, but let me ask the secretariat to respond to your question.

 about where Nicola and others can get updated information on the High Level track.

>> Chengetai Masango: i'm trying to find out if you can hear me Oh yes, we can yes.

 At the moment we are trying to confirm speakers and.

 Set up the panels as well with in production with the host country and asked them from how from also other stakeholders so when we do not want to publish.

 information such as you know, the proposed speakers, because we want them to answer first and then we can publish them, I think that that is much, much better so, but there is information on the website and I will just turn around and give it to eleonora.


 add more information if she wants to.

>> Eleonora MAZZUCCHI: Thank you.

 Thank you check there i'll just I was just gonna say that i'll i'll share.

 A link to the descriptions in the chat and also apologize, a little bit for the the slowness and in getting all the details that we have about the panels on the website, this is.

 Just a little bit of a technical issue with with the with the new site, but we'll we'll have everything up as soon as we can.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks Eleanor and if you can just give Nicola any information, you can share on finding the speakers.

 I see no other hands on this and mag Members if you need any help with the preparatory phase sessions that you'll be coordinating just please let the secretariat and myself now.

 There are soon and next lets us look at updates from the MAC working groups I know Mike working group strategy and have something to share and.

 Mad working group communications i'm not sure if you have anything to share I would actually like us to dedicate quite a substantial amount of time at the next call.

 To talk about the communication strategy and the components, and that is relevant to this year I know we discussed it at the meeting and, at the end of September.

 But I think there's quite a lot of work, taking place and it would be important for the secretariat and Members to have the opportunity to talk to you in more depth.

 And so i'm not sure if you're planning to share an update, but I definitely would like to dedicate time to communications at the coming at the next call any Merck working groups who would like to take the floor to share updates we've got just under 15 minutes left of our call.

 i'm Rita.

>> Amrita Choudhury: Thank you, Andrea tabitha for the records and I will be presenting for the mag working group on strengthening IDF.

 As we had mentioned in our last call we had decided that we had a discussion on the secretary general's are common agenda and.

 The working group participants decided to send a letter to the UN Secretary General to express you know the group's comments on the common agenda report.

 And then, the more the Co facilitators of the group volunteer to draft the letters, the letter is ready at this point of time and we are kind of finalizing it and we will be sharing it with the working group tomorrow.

 For further comments in the letter, primarily, we are, we have tried to also share with the Secretary General, the activities which has been done by the IGF.

 As well as the mapping exercise which we were doing in terms of the activities done by the IGF visa V, the digital cooperation roadmap and show the progress we've made or how IGF is contributing.

 Specifically, because it was referred, you know, there was a reference to IGF in the section 93.

 Apart from it, few working strategy group members are also helping and read and others to you know frame the discussion for the 16 years of the IDF session and also.

 With Andrea in the state of multi-stakeholder Internet governance and idea of session

 Apart from it, we have in our calls the regular updates from the office of the invoice on technology and the ongoing initiatives out there, related to the roadmap.

 As well as discussions, how the working group strategy can help the communication group and we had a discussion in the last call on how the working group can support.

 In the in Union outreach of communication so Andrea that's about it.

 As an, I think, once we have more comments in the letter which we are drafting.

 From the Community Perhaps that would be a good place to discuss more Thank you.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks very much i'm returning you're sure that that that final draft of the mag for their input I co host the format.

>> Amrita Choudhury: Yes, it would be shared like tomorrow we share it with the working group members and and we asked them to comment on it by 25th and after that we will be sharing it with the the whole mag members or comments.

>> Chengetai Masango: For them later we'll go will be a problem, who.

>> Amrita Choudhury: So the letter which is being drafted is.

 being mentioned as, on behalf of mag at this point of time.

 But we haven't.

 As in whether it will go from the mango from the working group is still open, but.

 My point.

>> Chengetai Masango: I don't think it can go from the working group.

>> Amrita Choudhury: Okay, so it is, it is currently being dropped everything.

>> Chengetai Masango: is nice going, yes, it has to go.

 In fact, I would like to defer to my colleagues in New York to actually.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: The current draft is from the mag so my understanding, certainly.

 Then I said it's been dropped it by the working group on behalf of the mag and then the working group is unrighteous will said which shared with the mag and for the Max.

 input and then it will, if the mag approves it will go as message or letter from them.

>> Chengetai Masango: As yes, yes, I mean I was searching about one thing and then one thing is that the.

 Working Group could not buy then for the other final point of details, I just wanted to for it to my from New York, but I think that may be busy otherwise but but that's fine that's fine, thank you, I just wanted to clarify that.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks, very much for that report and return, I think, if any, if any mag Members want to be part of this discussion.

 And just join the next call of the working group and where the where the latest draft will be discussed, my understanding is and when is that cool and it shows that this that's this week.

>> Is.

>> Amrita Choudhury: To tell you that.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: And just check the data can share it with us in the chat.

>> Amrita Choudhury: Yes.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: It was we running late any other updates from networking groups.

 I don't see any hands and and we are hiding, you know we're running out of time, I really wanted to do a checklist of the action items, but but we'll do that at our next call and.

 What we now have on the agenda is the 15th anniversary of the hijab and I know we've been talking about 16 years because of the tutors agenda, but it is, in fact, this year the 15th anniversary, and so.

 i'm opening the floor for any suggestions or discussions that you know we having this session during the preparatory phase that eleonora was telling us about.

 And there are a few other ideas that are floating around and Secretary at your desk if anyone has any existing plans and let's just take the floor open the floor to a few suggestions and then we can come up with a more concrete plan on how to celebrate the 15th anniversary.

 Adam are you still with us.

 I think, Adam P cast live.

>> Adam Peake: No easy not Hello.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Can you share your suggestion yeah yeah go ahead.

>> Adam Peake: absolutely awful suggestions, no it's not it's um is to suggest that perhaps we because many of us and our Community, of course, have been attending.

 IGF meetings and we've we've either had cameras and, more recently, will have had phones with cameras and many, many photographs, so perhaps tag them IGF anniversary and stick them on Twitter or instagram Twitter is somewhat reasonably universal and quite easy to tag.

 So you know your pictures from your experiences of an IGF We probably have many of them, so it might be your top picture or your top serious picture your top funny picture.

 So we capture what the IGF is, and I think I shared one on a Skype group that some of us around which was a picture of the.

 Greek Foreign Minister shaking hands with Marcus kuma and knitting desiree who was in your role and yet, as the Chair of the IGF at the time and the representative of the Secretary General to the IGF so.

 You know that that was a memory from 2006 when they were welcoming welcoming the IGF to the venue in Athens.

 And and, but there are many other pictures i've got one of standing on the Acropolis in Greece, which is a kebab shop in Greece but it's that kind of thing and.

 we've done it I can meetings with sharing pets sharing memories and all kinds of different things so that was a thought pictures tagged on Twitter, because I know it better than instagram and.

 And just see how we go.


>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks Adam and, if I remember correctly, the data set in November.

 So we need to if we want to do anything around the date of 13 November, which was the first IGF started in Athens let's work towards that debt.

 And if there are any other suggestions and Adam, I suggest we started a thread and the mag lists, where people can share ideas.

 And, and we can give the secretariat and new investor a chance to also type in we don't want to do anything that conflicts with with any of their plans and.

 And then we should be able to come back to this in let's discuss it online, and then we can finalize our plans and launch them at our next call, I see a hand from Carlos afford, so please go ahead, Carlos.

 You are muted, I can see your hands.

 And I can see your face yes.

>> Carlos Alberto Afonso: Go ahead Okay, thank you.

 Thank you celebrating that I would suggest that we try to rescue and names people from the beginning of things wish we could start in 2005 with w big.

 In the chair was meeting design and people like that should be called to participate in a celebration and give their opinions, so many years after we established or try to establish a definition of what Internet governance fees.

 So that's what I would suggest.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks Carlos.

 No, I think that's an example of one of the last thing contributions of the will of the week is that definition which we all still work with.

 So I see Mike Nelson is also posting in the chat that we started a petition platform that will enable people to launch a petition drive to build support for policies and practices.

 And that would make the Internet better in 10 years so lots of ideas might bubble up so.

 let's continue and Mike you others on the public mag list let's continue the discussion there with suggestions.

 And then we give the Secretariat and the communications and an outreach working group of chance to to think about those and then we'll start something but we've got a few concrete suggestions I think.

 A photo stream or message board is a really good idea and it's a very simple idea and I think it will be very useful as well to be useful for.

 For AJ of communications and i'm very much reminded of a model and the mad working group outreach and when they presented this strategy, talking about how we really need to to to.

 promote the brand of the AJ is this very unique and quite powerful space, and so I think we can use this 15th anniversary as as a way to send that message and everyone, it is time, as you all know, I do not like to to keep you longer than scheduled and.

 I think we've covered most items on the agenda, my apologies to the enterprise, and also to the dynamic coalition's we're not giving them a chance to talk about their main sessions i've heard that the parliamentary sessions are going extremely well so so congrats to everyone on that.

 i'm going to read mark cavell message in the chat and plugging the UK I Jeff yes, the UK and you have several other regional adjectives are either and away or starting so so just really lots of support to all of you.

 So mad members and on that note, I will end my contribution to the meeting and chamakh any last words from you.

>> Przemyslaw Typiak: Thank you very much what i'm showing it just to again reaffirm our commitment and the continuous working with.

 My colleagues in the you understand IGF Secretary to make this year's idea of being at the beach at the very the positive and successful events so.

 All we are very happy and very keen on having your support continuous support and any questions you might have feel free to send them to us and we will be more than happy to address them, thank you very much for for my side.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: Thanks Jamie and that's mutual if you need any support from the Mike or myself, you must also just ask and Shanghai any last words from here.

>> Chengetai Masango: Not by me just thank you very much, and that we will have our next meeting in.

 Two weeks time, I suppose, and we'll be sending out that.

 The notice later, the end of this week, thank you.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: And thanks for that.

 Time just wanted to point out that if we have our next call in two weeks that will be after.

 The first the introductory sessions, because the first introductory session and is on their own eleonora Am I correct they on one and two November that right.

>> Eleonora MAZZUCCHI: There on the first the second and the third of November.

>> Anriette Esterhuysen: that's right the first the second and third so mad Members and, if you would like a call to review that even if it's just for those mag Members involved, and we can certainly organize that so just let me know by email, if you would like.

 Any kind of process to to do final checking on that, otherwise we'll See you in two weeks so thanks very much everyone for your work, congratulations of the progress.

 And remember, the Secretariat will be hounding you for for for session descriptions and and speaker information so thanks all thanks to the secretariat and good luck with all your preparatory phase sessions and talk to you soon.

>> Roberto Zambrana: Thank you, thank you very much.

 Thank you, I thank you all.

 bye bye.