IGF 2021 NRIs Coordination Session

Monday, 6th December, 2021 (11:00 UTC) - Monday, 6th December, 2021 (12:30 UTC)

What is the NRIs Coordination Session?

It is an established practice that the NRIs summarize the work year at the end of each IGF annual cycle, and describe goals achieved, challenges and suggestions for the next IGF cycle and beyond. The NRIs Coordination Session is an open work meeting of the NRIs, with the representatives of the global IGF and wider IGF community. Its agenda, format and other related details are planned in advance by the NRIs, in an open, inclusive and bottom-up manner.

The main objectives of this session, as outlined in the NRIs session Guidelines, are:

  • To meet in one place and identify achieved goals, challenges and suggest ways for improvements: collectively and individually;
  • To facilitate the above-indicated by exchanging inputs between the NRIs themselves, and between the NRIs, the Chair of the MAG, UN DESA, IGF Secretariat, traditional supporters of the NRIs and all other interested stakeholders;; 
  • To plan the next year’s work.

At the 16th annual IGF in Poland, the NRIs coordination session will focus on the following points:

  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Sustainability of NRIs
    • Financial sustainability
    • Stakeholder engagement (reflecting on involvement of governments and regulators)
    • Harmonized calendar of NRIs meetings; NRIs central resource of information
  3. Ways for NRIs to become more policy impactful 
    • Achievements so far and what is missing
    • Reflecting on the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation 
  4. Closing 
Session Time
Monday, 6th December, 2021 (11:00 UTC) - Monday, 6th December, 2021 (12:30 UTC)