IGF 2021 WS #151
Digitalization & its Impacts on Development Plans

Organizer 1: Nermin Selim, Creators Union of Arab ECOSOC Consultative Status
Organizer 2: Ahmed Sarhan, Creators Union of Arab - ECOSOC Consultative Status
Organizer 3: Hala Hussein, Creators Union of Arab - ECOSOC Consultative Status
Organizer 4: Hamada Hafez, Creators Union of Arab - ECOSOC Consultative Status
Organizer 5: Esraa Omar, Creators Union of Arab - ECOSOC Consultative Status

Speaker 1: Hala Hussein, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 2: Jassim Al Yagout, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 3: Mohamed Mahho, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 4: Suad Al Lawati, Government, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 5: Ahmed Sarhan, Civil Society, African Group


Nermin Selim, Civil Society, African Group

Online Moderator

Esraa Omar, Civil Society, African Group


Hala Hussein, Civil Society, African Group


Round Table - U-shape - 60 Min

Policy Question(s)

Barriers to universal and meaningful access: What are the main challenges that people face in obtaining and making full use of Internet access? To what extent are these the result of social, economic and cultural factors, and to what extent do they result from aspects of the digital environment? How can we use the responses to these questions to better understand the intersection between digital policies and other policy areas? Can this understanding help us to develop and implement more realistic Internet-related policy goals?

In recent times, digital transformation has become an important tool and an urgent necessity in achieving sustainable development in all areas, especially during the (Covid-19) pandemic, which threatened the stability of the entire world, and it became necessary to find alternative solutions to complete the sustainable development process.
Under the current circumstances, the digital transformation that an important segment of society may ignore may impede the development process.
So, We will try to cover the theme of the importance of فhe digital transformation and the need for all governmental and non-governmental agencies to contribute to finding solutions for Internet access for all humanity around the world to ensure the development process and the ability to confront any disasters that may threaten the world, such as the Covid-19 pandemic.


3. Good Health and Well-Being
4. Quality Education
8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Targets: Within the framework of the United Nations plan to achieve sustainable development, which was adopted at the UN summit in September 2015 and its seventeen goals (poverty - hunger - health - education - climate change -gender equality - water - sanitation - energy - environment ....etc), and while the Education and the health were among the most important goals that
had a clear impact on society, reflecting the extent of its awareness and progress, We can add the future of youth in entrepreneurship and encourage their ideas and innovations for the sake of community development.
From here, we try to ensure the achievement of these goals, innovate new solutions, and keep pace with the modern technological revolution and digital transformation.


We will focus on education, health and entrepreneurship, the importance of digital transformation must be highlighted,
which has become an integral part of the global organization in all fields.
Therefore, several important axes revolving around education and health that directly affect the mechanisms of achieving sustainable social development and their relevance to digital transformation will be addressed.
Those who are considered one of the most important requirements of life and cannot be dispensed with, in addition to entrepreneurship, which has become an important step for young people at the beginning of their careers and an incentive to enter the labor market at the lowest possible costs. Entrepreneurship is closely related to the Internet, as the world is open to each other.

Expected Outcomes

In this session, we look forward to achieving the following:
An attempt to put forward mechanisms that governments can take to ensure that Internet services reach all segments of society.
Contribute to spreading awareness of digital transformation and highlighting the importance of its role in the education, health and entrepreneurship sectors.
The participation of those concerned with this topic, the exchange of views and the opening of new horizons.

The session will open with a speech by the chairperson to welcome the speakers and attendees, and examples of some countries that have been applied on the ground in several sectors will be presented.
Some youth’s ideas will also be presented to clarify their visions on this topic.
In the end, the door for discussion and comment was opened to everyone, whether present on the site or online.

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