IGF 2022 Onsite Booth Information for Exhibitors

East Car Park of UNECA. The Village will be located outside in this converted car park beneath large tents. Please see MAP


In order to set up their booths, exhibitors will be given access to the Village area on the following days and times:
27 & 28 November - 8:30 to 17:00 


3m wide x 2m depth x 2.5m height
Equipment Provided for Each Booth
o    Carpet
o    One square table (75cm x 75cm)
o    Two chairs
o    Spotlight
o    One trash can
o    Electrical outlets (UK standard)
o    Sign with the name / logo of the exhibitor
It is possible to affix materials to the walls of the booths with double-sided scotch tape or easily removable material only.  No sharp objects can be used.


Rental requests can be made here:  bit.ly/3UwbRWz 
The email contact is [email protected]


Address for Shipping
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa – UNECA
Africa Hall, Menelik II Avenue
P.O. Box 3001
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Contact: Fetiha Sergagag
Phone: 251-11-544-5000
Materials must arrive 15 days prior to the start of the IGF on 28 November 2022.
Required Documentation
Please share with the UNECA Shipping Unit copies of the shipping documents – air waybill, commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin – when you dispatch your cargo. Please also provide them with your flight details, passport copy, and list of items being imported for the Village. 
Return Shipment
Kindly inform the Shipping Unit as soon as you know your plans, as to whether your materials will be re-shipped to their point of origin or stay in Addis Ababa following the IGF.
UNECA Shipping Unit Contacts
[email protected] and [email protected].