IGF 2022 PN Internet Fragmentation

Wednesday, 30th November, 2022 (06:30 UTC) - Wednesday, 30th November, 2022 (08:00 UTC)
About this Session


Join the PNIF session at IGF2022 to discuss the draft framework for discussing internet fragmentation

IGF Policy Network Internet Fragmentation - draft framework


[draft agenda]

1.  Welcome

2.  The Policy Network on Internet Fragmentation - introduction

3.  Towards a framework for discussing internet fragmentation.

3.1.  Unpacking the draft framework

3.2.  Town hall discussion on internet fragmentation and the draft framework

3.3.  Summary of the discussion and input for the Main session

4. Looking forward - next steps for the PNIF


Ms Mazuba Haanyama, Head of Human rights Policy, Africa Middle East & Turkey, Meta; Ms Nawal Omar, Researcher at ICT Africa; Mr Olaf Kolkman, Principal at Internet Society; Mr Túlio César Mourthé de Alvim Andrade, Deputy Head, Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

[moderation and coordination]

Ms Sheetal Kumar, PNIF co-coordinator, Ms Bruna Martins dos Santos, PNIF co-coordinator, Mr Wim Degezelle, IGF consultant PNIF. 



Download the Draft framework and discussion document.

Submit your feedback on the draft framework in the online form.

PNIF webpage.


About the Policy Network on Internet Fragmentation (PNIF)

The Policy Network on Internet Fragmentation (PNIF) is an IGF intersessional activity to further the discussion on and to raise awareness of the technical, policy, legal and regulatory measures and actions that pose a risk to the open, interconnected and interoperable Internet.

The objectives of the PNIF - over an envisaged 2 year timeframe - are to (a) Offer a systematic and comprehensive framework to define Internet fragmentation, its intended and unintended causes, and its potential effects; (b) Collect and analyze case studies to fine-tune and complement this framework; (c) Establish shared principles, recommendations or codes of conduct that prevent fragmentation and preserve the open, interconnected and interoperable nature of the Internet.   Details on the PNIF activities are on the PNIF webpage

The PNIF session at the IGF will provide an update on the PNIF activities and propose a draft internet fragmentation framework for discussion.