IGF 2022 Village Booth #30 Civic Digital Security Forum - CDSF


Civic Digital Security Forum is an Emerging secure digitalization forum for the safe civic community through cyber diplomacy and confidence building.

The booth covers in particular the IGF 2021 emerging and cross-cutting issue area "Connecting All People and Safeguarding Human Rights, Governing Data and Protecting Privacy, Enabling Safety, Security, and Accountability"

Visitors will get the chance to receive learnings and information about how attackers and hackers approach targets with modern techniques and about possible future activities and how they – the visitors – might contribute to and/or may benefit from these activities

-Our booth will consist of Real-Time cyber attacks simulation which will help visitors and especially vulnerable community members to be aware of modern techniques used by cyber attackers. This will be an interactive simulation and the simulator will conduct a live test for security-score after the test which will help visitors to improve weak areas.

The simulator will cover real-time simulated attacks focused on:

- Cyber Attacks via Social Media Medium and Emails

- Breaking Weak passwords and Defense

- Tackling cyberbullying and Defense

- Social Engineering Attacks and Defense

-Visitors get promotional coupons for our next upcoming educational events around the world.