IGF 2022 Village Booth #46 European Commission


The booth will provide informative material in various formats (e.g. pdf, video, and infographics) on the European Commission policies and regulations related to digital and Internet Governance issues. The booth will offer the visitors a clear overview of the European Commission strategic action in digital, through different angles such as legal frameworks, infrastructure development, and international cooperation. The aim is to share the EU perspective, stir discussion over internet policies with the rest of the world, share good practices, and reach relevant stakeholders (including from Africa and the Global South) for projects and funding opportunities.

Among the topics presented through the booth:
- the European Commission recent policy initiatives (the Digital Service Act, the Digital Market Act, the Data Act, the Artificial Intelligence Act, the EU Cybersecurity Strategy, the NIS2 - Network and Information Security- Directive, the Cyber Resilience Act);
- the European Union Global Gateway connectivity strategy aiming to build international partnerships to invest in quality infrastructure, connecting goods, people and services around the world, to ensure lasting benefits for local communities;
- the European Union funded project “Promotion and Development of the Open Internet in Africa”;
- the European Commission proposed Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles and its international engagement through the Declaration on the Future of the Internet;
- overview of the EU participation at IGF2022.