IGF 2023 Call for Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are brief, to-the-point, prepared presentation on a specific Internet governance issue.

Stakeholders with demonstrated interest in Internet governance and who can clearly outline the Internet governance-related objective to be achieved through this session, are invited to submit requests for session slot through the application e-form.  

Lightning Talks should focus on Internet governance-pertinent issues and activities. They should also link to the IGF 2023 subthemes, selectable in the submission form: 

IGF 2023 Subthemes 

  • AI & Emerging Technologies
  • Avoiding Internet Fragmentation 
  • Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Online Safety
  • Data Governance & Trust
  • Digital Divides & Inclusion
  • Global Digital Governance & Cooperation
  • Human Rights & Freedoms
  • Sustainability & Environment

The inclusion of a background paper with the Lightning Talk request is encouraged. The standard durations to choose from are 20 and 30 minutes. 

Session support: Webcast: No | Transcription: No | Interpretation: No  

The deadline for requesting Lightning Talk slots at the 18th IGF is 24 May 2023, 23:59 UTC​.