IGF 2023 Lightning Talks

Below are the Lightning Talks selected for the IGF 2023 programme.

The Lightning Talks are listed thematically, with programme sub-themes appearing from most to least populated. 

Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Online Safety
IGF 2023 20 Cybercrime Capacity Building in Africa - Lessons Learned
IGF 2023 74 Building Citizens Capacities of Digital Resilience and Cybe
IGF 2023 81 Canadian data, global lessons: Here's what we can do to improve cybersecurity
IGF 2023 102 The International Legal Dimension of ICTs
IGF 2023 103 Strengthening Cybersecurity for a Resilient Digital Society
IGF 2023 106 Addressing the changing cybersecurity landscape
IGF 2023 114 APAC Safer Internet Lab: progressing against misinformation
IGF 2023 116 Canada's Approach to Regulating Online Safety
IGF 2023 117 Promote next-gen internet governance via youth-led research
IGF 2023 141 The new European toolbox for cybersecurity regulation
IGF 2023 151 How deep is your fake: Online Fraud Techniques 
IGF 2023 152 Promoting children's rights in face of XR technologies
IGF 2023 160 A New Process To Tackle Misinformation On Social Media
IGF 2023 165 A Brazilian approach to encryption and childhood 
IGF 2023 173 Strengthening Youth Resilience to Online Harms
IGF 2023 174 Switch! - an inclusive approach to capacity building 
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Emerging Technologies
IGF 2023 10 AI in education: the future or a storm in a glass?
IGF 2023 13 A panoramic view of the use of AI in African Healthcare. 
IGF 2023 17 Co-operative AI: Latest Research and Governance Implications
IGF 2023 33 Framework for Meaningful Engagement in AI
IGF 2023 75 Global AI Collective for Sustainable Food Security
IGF 2023 85 AI governance and competition: a research presentation
IGF 2023 115 AI-Driven Learning Revolution in Cambodian Higher Education 
IGF 2023 122 AI in the courts an opportunity for economic proceedings?
IGF 2023 132 Global South perspectives on governing AI
IGF 2023 137 Generative AI as the Foundation for the Information Space
IGF 2023 163 Understanding the Policy Perspectives for AI Accountability
Digital Divides & Inclusion
IGF 2023 1 Breaking Barriers: Empowering Girls Through the First Female Coding Club in Cambodia, Sisters of Code
IGF 2023 15 DIY mesh network kit
IGF 2023 38 Place and role of women in cyberspace
IGF 2023 48 Hive  people, pandemics and health information platform
IGF 2023 90 How do we develop&scale equitable pathways to jobs in infras
IGF 2023 96 Emerging Tech and Solutions for Digital Inclusion
IGF 2023 118 Measuring Gender Digital Inequality in the Global South
IGF 2023 131 Digital Identity and Governance: Thinking Inclusion
IGF 2023 154 We are here too!African perspectives on social media futures
IGF 2023 164 Accessibility digital gaps for the Peruvian deaf community
Global Digital Governance & Cooperation
IGF 2023 57 Digital taxes & reprogramming value in the network society
IGF 2023 66 Internet Governance Transparency: a Data Driven Approach
IGF 2023 83 Multistakeholder Model for Terrorist Content & Generative AI
IGF 2023 93 Tech Policy Atlas: Your One Stop Shop for Internet Policies 
IGF 2023 97 Combating information pollution with digital public goods
IGF 2023 139 Using Design Fiction to build the Internet We Want
IGF 2023 198 Chat with the ITU: International Internet public policy issues  
Human Rights & Freedoms
IGF 2023 12 Digital Linguistic Justice and Multistakeholder Policymaking
IGF 2023 58 Digital Rights and Wrongs: Voices from Indian Civil Society
IGF 2023 60 Rights by Design: Privacy Engineering for the Rights of All
IGF 2023 92 Technological Violence and High-Risk Border Experiments
IGF 2023 94 The technopolitics of face recognition technology
IGF 2023 119 Labour rights in the public interest technology space
IGF 2023 128 Tech sanctions and cancelling as an incentive for fencing
IGF 2023 135 My Digital Safety is Sacrosant
IGF 2023 121 "Marsad VAWP" showcase
IGF 2023 126 Internet Shutdowns in Central Asia
IGF 2023 129 Ethics Unbound: Empowering Digital Minds
IGF 2023 130 Advocating for Fair, Transparent Content Moderation in WANA
Data Governance & Trust
IGF 2023 2 Successful Data and AI Strategies
IGF 2023 29 The Trouble with Transparency in Data Privacy Regulations
IGF 2023 37 Open Data Evaluation Model in Brazilian Governmental Portals
IGF 2023 125 mCitizen as a digital assistant of every citizen
IGF 2023 146 Liberating Africa's Water Data 
IGF 2023 136 Unlocking Power of Data: AMdEX - A Catalyst for Data Markets
Sustainability & Environment
IGF 2023 3 The Internet's Carbon Curse: Can We Break It?
IGF 2023 22 Exposing the invisible of the internet
IGF 2023 47 Promoting efficient E-waste management in Africa and Asia
IGF 2023 99 Technological innovations and sustainable development
IGF 2023 120 Lightning talk: Future networks and our planet
IGF 2023 124 Youth for Digital Inclusion & Environmental Sustainability