IGF 2023 Networking Session

Below are the Networking sessions selected for the IGF 2023 programme.

The Networking sessions are listed thematically, with programme sub-themes.

Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Online Safety
IGF 2023 44 Meeting Spot for CSIRT Practitioners: Share Your Experiences
IGF 2023 172 Networking for Information Integrity in Asia and Globally
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Emerging Technologies
IGF 2023 65 The road not taken: what is the future of metaverse? 
IGF 2023 153 Generative AI and Synthetic Realities: Design and Governance
Digital Divides & Inclusion
IGF 2023 64 Worldwide Web of Youth: Cooperation for Enlightenment
IGF 2023 104 Bridging Connectivity Gaps and Harnessing e-Resilience
IGF 2023 111 Meet&Greet for those funding Internet development
IGF 2023 158 An infrastructure for empowered internet citizens
Global Digital Governance & Cooperation
IGF 2023 68 Building Bridges: ISOC Youth and Alumni Networking
IGF 2023 78 Governing Tech for Peace: a Multistakeholder Approach
IGF 2023 109 International Cooperation for AI & Digital Governance 
IGF 2023 110 Global South Solidarities for Global Digital Governance
IGF 2023 145 Discussing Internet Governance research in time of crisis
IGF 2023 170 Network Session: Digital Sovereignty and Global Cooperation
IGF 2023 171 Fake or advert: between disinformation and digital marketing
Human Rights & Freedoms
IGF 2023 80 Radical Imaginings-Fellowships for NextGen digital activists
IGF 2023 166 Gathering and Sharing Session: Digital ID and Human Rights C
IGF 2023 186 Surveillance technology: Different levels of accountability
Data Governance & Trust
IGF 2023 86 Opening and Sustaining Government Data
IGF 2023 168 Advancing Open Science Globally: Challenges and Opportunitie
Sustainability & Environment
IGF 2023 50 AI and Environment: Sustainable Development