IGF 2023 Open Forums

Below are the Open Forum sessions selected for the IGF 2023 programme.

The Open Forum sessions are listed thematically, with programme sub-themes appearing from most to least populated. 

Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Online Safety
IGF2023 6 Development of Cyber capacities in emerging economies
IGF2023 15 Protecting children online with emerging technologies
IGF2023 16 Promoting the Digital Emblem
IGF2023 57 Procuring modern security standards by governments&industry
IGF2023 58 Child online safety: Industry engagement and regulation
IGF2023 72 GC3B: Mainstreaming cyber resilience and development agenda
IGF2023 81 Cybersecurity regulation in the age of AI
IGF2023 84 Shaping a UN Cyber Programme of Action
IGF2023 85 How to retain the cyber workforce in the public sector?
IGF2023 86 Child participation online: policymaking with children
IGF2023 129 Unlocking Trust and Safety to Preserve the Open Internet
IGF2023 140 Building Diplomatic Networks for a Safe, Secure Cyberspace
IGF2023 146 Disrupt Harm: Accountability for a Safer Internet 
IGF2023 152 Internet Governance in Times of Conflict 
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Emerging Technologies
IGF2023 20 Benefits and challenges of the immersive realities
IGF2023 30 Intelligent Society Governance Based on Experimentalism
IGF2023 44 Future-proofing global tech governance: a bottom-up approach
IGF2023 45 The Virtual Worlds we want: Governance of the future web
IGF2023 60 Empowering Civil Servants for Digital Transformation
IGF2023 82 AI Technology-a source of empowerment in consumer protection
IGF2023 111 GPAI: A Multistakeholder Initiative on Trustworthy AI
IGF2023 131 AI is here. Are countries ready, or not? 
Digital Divides & Inclusion
IGF2023 4 WSIS+20 Forum High-Level Event: Open Consultation Process Meeting
IGF2023 12 Africa Union Open Forum
IGF2023 110 UNECA Role in the Internet Ecosystem in Africa
IGF2023 135 Enhancing the digital infrastructure for all
IGF2023 160 The Postal Network: A Vehicle of Digital Inclusion
IGF2023 169 Futuring Peace in Northeast Asia in the Digital Era
Global Digital Governance & Cooperation
IGF2023 5 WSIS Action Lines for Advancing the Achievement of SDGs
IGF2023 22 Jointly Share the Responsibilities in the Digital Era
IGF2023 23 A bottom-up approach: IG processes and multistakeholderism
IGF2023 46 IGF to GDC- An Equitable Framework for Developing Countries
IGF2023 65 Effective Governance for Open Digital Ecosystems
IGF2023 78 AI Regulation and Governance at the Multilateral Level
IGF2023 92 Achieving the SDGs through secure digital transformation
IGF2023 98 CGI's Collection on Internet Governance: 5 years later
IGF2023 95 Public-Private Partnerships in Online Content Moderation
IGF2023 96 How to enhance participation and cooperation of CSOs in/with
IGF2023 100 WSIS at 20: successes, failures and future expectations
IGF2023 124 National digital transformation strategies in Africa
IGF2023 138 Regional perspectives on digital governance
IGF2023 141 European Parliament Delegation to the IGF & the Youth IGF
IGF2023 157 Donor Principles for the Digital Age: Turning Principles int
IGF2023 163 Technology and Human Rights Due Diligence at the UN 
IGF2023 168 Creating digital public infrastructure that empowers people
Human Rights & Freedoms
IGF2023 52 RITEC: Prioritizing Child Well-Being in Digital Design
IGF2023 109 Leveraging the FOC at International Organizations
IGF2023 132 The Digital Town Square Problem: public interest info online
IGF2023 139 Non-regulatory approaches to the digital public debate 
Data Governance & Trust
IGF2023 50 Rule of Law for Data Governance
IGF2023 59 Whose Internet? Towards a Feminist Digital Future for Africa
IGF2023 67 Internet Data Governance and Trust in Nigeria
IGF2023 161 Exploring Emerging PE³Ts for Data Governance with Trust
IGF2023 166 The African Union Approach on Data Governance 
Avoiding Internet Fragmentation
IGF2023 89 Multistakeholder Model - Driver for Global Services and SDGs
Sustainability & Environment
IGF2023 37 Planetary Limits of AI: Governance for Just Digitalisation? 
IGF2023 133 Accelerating an Inclusive Energy Transition
IGF2023 159 Socially, Economically, Environmentally Responsible Campuses