IGF 2024 Workshops

This is the list of accepted workshops for the IGF 2024 programme that have been selected by the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) at its Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting from 26 to 28 June 2024.

89 workshops were accepted out of a total of 203 proposals received.

The workshops are listed thematically, with programme sub-themes appearing from most to least populated. 



Harnessing innovation and balancing risks in the digital space

IGF 2024 WS #2 Bridging Gaps: AI & Ethics in Combating NCII Abuse

IGF 2024 WS #6 Bridging Digital Gaps in Agriculture & trade Transformation

IGF 2024 WS #14 Children in the Metaverse

IGF 2024 WS #31 Cybersecurity in AI: balancing innovation and risks

IGF 2024 WS #35 Unlocking sandboxes for people and the planet

IGF 2024 WS #41 Big Techs and Journalism: Disputes and Regulatory Models

IGF 2024 WS #49 Benefit everyone from digital tech equally & inclusively

IGF 2024 WS #81 Universal Standards for Digital Infrastructure Resiliency

IGF 2024 WS #90 Digital Safety: Tackling Disinformation in Future Internet

IGF 2024 WS #95 Solving the problem of sexual coercion and extortion online

IGF 2024 WS #97 Interoperability of AI Governance: Scope and Mechanism

IGF 2024 WS #98 Towards a global, risk-adaptive AI governance framework

IGF 2024 WS #125 Balancing Acts: Encryption, Privacy, and Public Safety

IGF 2024 WS #134 Data governance for children: EdTech, NeuroTech and FinTech

IGF 2024 WS #162 Overregulation: Balance Policy and Innovation in Technology

IGF 2024 WS #171 Mind Your Body: Pros and Cons of IoB

IGF 2024 WS #179 Navigating Online Safety for Children and Youth

IGF 2024 WS #184 AI in Warfare - Role of AI in upholding International Law

IGF 2024 WS #198 Advancing IoT Security, Quantum Encryption & RPKI

IGF 2024 WS #199 Ensuring the online coexistence of human rights&child safety

IGF 2024 WS #205 Contextualising Fairness: AI Governance in Asia

IGF 2024 WS #208 Democratising Access to AI with Open Source LLMs

IGF 2024 WS #232 Innovative Approaches to Teaching AI Fairness & Governance

IGF 2024 WS #238 Advancing financial inclusion through consumer-centric DPI

IGF 2024 WS #270 Understanding digital exclusion in AI era

IGF 2024 WS #279 Critical Secure-Infra-AI-Structure in Developing Countries

Improving digital governance for the Internet We Want

IGF 2024 WS #43 States and Digital Sovereignty: Infrastructural Challenges

IGF 2024 WS #45 Fostering EthicsByDesign w DataGovernance & Multistakeholder

IGF 2024 WS #75 An Open and Democratic Internet in the Digitization Era

IGF 2024 WS #100 Integrating the Global South in Global AI Governance

IGF 2024 WS #102 Harmonising approaches for data free flow with trust

IGF 2024 WS #111 Addressing the Challenges of Digital Sovereignty in DLDCs

IGF 2024 WS #138 Empowering End Users Voices in Internet Governance

IGF 2024 WS #141 Regionalism and the IGF

IGF 2024 WS #143 From WSIS to GDC-Harmonising strategies towards coordination

IGF 2024 WS #146 Domain Name System Abuse - Defined and Experienced

IGF 2024 WS #153 Internet Governance and the Global Majority: What’s Next

IGF 2024 WS #155 Digital Leap- Enhancing Connectivity in the Offline World

IGF 2024 WS #157 Driving MS Engagement: Lessons from Lebanon and Canada

IGF 2024 WS #180 Protecting Internet data flows in trade policy initiatives

IGF 2024 WS #194 The Internet Governance Landscape in The Arab World

IGF 2024 WS #202 The UN Cybercrime Treaty and Transnational Repression

IGF 2024 WS #206 Evolving the IGF: cooperation is the only way

IGF 2024 WS #209 Multistakeholder Best Practices: NM, GDC, WSIS & Beyond

IGF 2024 WS #213 Hold On, We’re Going South: beyond GDC

IGF 2024 WS #223 Communities of the Practice- NOGs Driving the local Internet

IGF 2024 WS #257 Emerging Norms for Digital Public Infrastructure

IGF 2024 WS #260 The paradox of inclusion in internet governance

IGF 2024 WS #266 Empowering Civil Society: Bridging Gaps in Policy Influence

IGF 2024 WS #283 Breaking the Internet Monopoly through Interoperability

Advancing human rights and inclusion in the digital age

IGF 2024 WS #25 Multistakeholder cooperation for online child protection

IGF 2024 WS #53 Promoting Children's Rights and Inclusion in the Digital Age

IGF 2024 WS #65 Gender Prioritization through Responsible Digital Governance

IGF 2024 WS #77 The construction of collective memory on the Internet

IGF 2024 WS #86 The Role of Citizens: Informing and Maintaining e-Government

IGF 2024 WS #93 My Language, My Internet - IDN Assists Next Billion Netusers

IGF 2024 WS #119 AI for Multilingual Inclusion

IGF 2024 WS #133 Better products and policies through stakeholder engagement

IGF 2024 WS #150 Language and inclusion - multilingual names

IGF 2024 WS #159 Domain names: digital inclusion and innovation

IGF 2024 WS #164 Strengthening content moderation through expert input

IGF 2024 WS #166 Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women in Internet Network

IGF 2024 WS #172 Regulating AI and Emerging Risks for Children's Rights

IGF 2024 WS #181 Defending Voice & Expression in Africa and the Middle East

IGF 2024 WS #183 Noncommercial Users Constituency Role in a Safe Internet

IGF 2024 WS #211 Disability & Data Protection for Digital Inclusion

IGF 2024 WS #225 Gender Inequality in Meaningful Access in the Global South

IGF 2024 WS #235 Judges on Human Rights Online

IGF 2024 WS #236 Ensuring Human Rights and Inclusion: An Algorithmic Strategy

IGF 2024 WS #254 The Human Rights Impact of Underrepresented Languages in AI

IGF 2024 WS #262 Innovative Financing Mechanisms to Bridge the Digital Divide

IGF 2024 WS #278 Digital Solidarity & Rights-Based Capacity Building

Enhancing the digital contribution to peace, development, and sustainability

IGF 2024 WS #42 Combating misinformation with Election Coalitions

IGF 2024 WS #51 Internet & SDG’s: Aligning the IGF & ITU’s Innovation Agenda


IGF 2024 WS #64 Designing Digital Future for Cyber Peace & Global Prosperity

IGF 2024 WS #82 A Global South perspective on AI governance

IGF 2024 WS #84 The Venn Intersection of Cyber and National Security

IGF 2024 WS #103 Aligning strategies, protecting critical infrastructure

IGF 2024 WS #136 Leveraging Technology for Healthy Online Information Spaces

IGF 2024 WS #145 Revitalizing Trust: Harnessing AI for Responsible Governance

IGF 2024 WS #148 Making the Internet greener and more sustainable

IGF 2024 WS #189 AI Regulation Unveiled: Global Pioneering for a Safer World

IGF 2024 WS #190 Securing critical infrastructure in cyber: Who and how?

IGF 2024 WS #227 Sustainability and Data Protection in ESG Enhancement

IGF 2024 WS #234 AI Governance for Children's Global Citizenship Education

IGF 2024 WS #246 Cyber diplomacy, peace and development in the Middle East

IGF 2024 WS #255 AI and disinformation: Safeguarding Elections