IGF Youth Track

To further develop the IGF Youth Strategy, and continue engaging youth in IGF processes, the IGF ‎Secretariat together with the IGF 2022 Host Country – Government of Ethiopia and all Youth IGF ‎coordinators, is designing several capacity development activities implemented during the IGF 2022 ‎process including at the 17th IGF in Addis Ababa. A close cooperation with a number of international ‎youth-centric organizations is sought.

youth track

Focus on Digital Transformation

Building on the demand from young people, as well as on the outputs of the last year’s Global Youth ‎Summit and related youth engagement opportunities, the IGF 2022 aims at creating a set of activities ‎to connect youth from around the world among themselves, but also to connect youth to senior ‎stakeholders, experts in Internet governance. As digital transformation was among the topics of ‎interest to youth, the capacity development activities will tackle specific issues nested under this ‎broad theme.‎

Specifically, youth engagement activities will aim to:‎

  • Develop capacity on the overall concept of digitalization: look into opportunities and policy ‎challenges it brings to policy shapers and makers
  • Establish networking among youth people from around the world
  • Support cooperation among youth-focused initiatives involved or interested in Internet ‎governance across the world


Road to Addis Ababa: activities to engage into

The track will be composed of several capacity development workshops delivered by experts on various aspects of digital transformation in Internet governance context. Also, there will be several opportunities to guide engagement into the IGF processes. The workshops will be delivered in a hybrid format at several regional IGF meetings, as per the schedule below which is being updated as workshop details are confirmed. 

Workshops are linked to a mini-repository of useful materials and sources of knowledge. All participants are strongly encouraged to consult this resource before and after the workshop takes place.

Workshop I at EuroDIG

20 June at 12:45 UTC hosted from Trieste, Italy
Workshop II at African IGF (TBC)

19 July, time TBC hosted from Lilongwe, Malawi
[Official launch of IGF 2022 Youth Track]

Engaging in IGF and unpacking ​​​​​​

digital transformation
Digital transforming societies

opportunities and concerns
Learn more & Engage  More information to be added soon
Workshop III at Youth APrIGF (TBC)

11 September at time TBC hosted from Singapore
Workshop IV hosted at Youth LACIGF (TBC)

October, time TBC 
Digital transformation and policy challenges Digital transformation and opportunities ‎backed with good digital policy ‎
More information to be added soon  More information to be added soon

The outcomes of these workshops will feed the IGF 2022 Global Youth Summit which will be hosted at the 17th IGF in Addis Ababa on 28 November 2022.


Start engaging now!

Subscribe here to the mailing list through which all relevant information is ‎communicated ([email protected])‎. Also, contact us at igf [at] un [dot] org. For the start, we will connect you to the Youth IGF coordinator who is the closest to you and the place you live.

Meet the organizers 

A multistakeholder working group composed of all IGF Youth coordinators listed below, IGF 2022 Host Country and IGF Secretariat are in the organizing team as equals. An open invitation to international youth-focused organizations stands to help with designing and ‎implementing the track.

Youth IGF coordinators are based in different parts of the world and are the key drivers of regional engagement of young people.‎

The work is open and transparent for all. ‎