Lee, Xiaodong

Dr. Xiaodong Lee is the CEO&CTO of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) and National Engineering Laboratory for Naming and Addressing Technologies. He received his Ph.D. of Computer Architecture in the Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Dr. Xiaodong Lee now holds the position of Research Professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He used to be the Vice President for Asia Pacific of ICANN.

Under the leadership of Dr. Xiaodong Lee, many critical construction projects were implemented, such as global service platform for national domain name system, Data Backup Centers, Analysis Platform and so on. Moreover, Dr. Xiaodong Lee organized and accomplished several international and domestic technology standards in the fields of domain name and email, and the application and delegation of "dotChina", he used to be the main Internationalized Domain Name contributor and co-Chair of Email Address Internationalization Working Group of IETF, as well as the research and development of the first series of software and hardware system for domain name service in China. Now, he initialed the first research insititution on Internet Governance in China.

Previously he was honored as the "Ten Outstanding Youth in China software industry” and awarded "Outstanding Youth Medal of China" in 2009.

Dr. Xiaodong Lee is currently Member of All-China Youth Federation, Member of ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC), Member of Global Agenda Council on the Future of the Internet of World Economic Forum, and Board Member of Internet Society of China.