Lo, Mamadou

Coming from the private sector, Mamadou LO is the Head of Communication and Information Department of Crédit Agricole Bank (Dakar, Sénégal). He has served the african community by promoting the Internet Governance issues through writings on african main related IT mailing lists such as the AFRICANN mailing list who is the number one Internet Governance related forum in Africa. His initiative of producting a weekly and annual web review has contributed to promote Internet Governance stakes and disseminate best practices thru Africa and worldwide francophone community. He is fluent in both french and english, and this outstanding capacity is used to enhance dialogue thru all africa. Mamadou Lo was one of the most active contributor on the IGF 2015 mailing list "Outreach Com".

Born in 1972 at Tivaouane (Senegal), Mamadou LO has been an outstanding student that holds two Masters degree (one in marketing and communication, and the other in information science with a major in IT). He holds certificates in web design from Laval University (Quebec, Canada) and business communication from Georgetown university (USA). Mamadou LO is ICANN fellow head coach and Diplo foundation alumni.