Local Content BPF: Call for contributions on preserving and sharing local culture, history and content at risk as a result of political shifts and upheaval

The BPF on Local Content is exploring how the Internet can be used to preserve local language and cultural heritage, particularly in current contexts where cultural and linguistic diversity, artefacts and histories are at risk as a result of political and social shifts and upheaval. The BPF is putting out a call for contributions to help gather examples and best practices of how digital technologies and the Internet can be used to promote, preserve and share local culture and content. The BPF would also like to identify best practices of how 

to manage and promote the digitisation of existing analogue content (printed and electronic media, cinema, music, visual arts etc.) and services.

Please help us by sharing your experience, expertise, concerns, questions and examples of challenges and responses to those challenges.


About you (should you be willing to share this information)
You are welcome to remain anonymous should you prefer to do so.