Ms. Maria Fernanda Garza

Maria Fernanda Garza is a Mexican businesswoman, CEO of Orestia, a manufacturing home improvement- water solutions company, with exports to USMCA region, Latin-America and Asia.

Her interest in improving the business environment, made her a prominent business leader at a young age. Board member of Mexico´s leading business organizations such as COPARMEX, CCE, ALIARSE, among others.

For ten years, Mexico’s Employer Delegate to the International Labour Organization Conference, where she became appointed Employer’s Vice Chair at the ILO’s 98th Session.

Maria Fernanda Garza was Chair of ICC México from 2014 – 2020.

She is currently, First Vice Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Member of the Governing Body of the International Court of Arbitration

Member of the Advisory Committee on Sustainable Urbanization of the President of the UN General Assembly’s and member of the International Advocacy Caucus of Indonesia B20.