PNAI Work Plan

The PNAI Work Plan guides the Policy Network on AI activities in 2024. It sets shared goals, describes the way of working and presents a timeline for PNAI's second year. 

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PNAI Goals

  • Strengthen global collaborations on AI and related aspects of data governance.
  • Identify AI governance frameworks, principles, policies, and good practices being developed in the world, particularly focusing on those in the Global South. Elevate the principles and values of AI governance underpinned by the UN.
  • Bring the IGF community together, widen inclusion of voices of the Global South, gather and synthesize knowledge on AI and data governance in the community.
  • Build on the 2023 PNAI report, discussions, create synergies, and provide input to the global AI policy and regulatory dialogue.
  • Contribute to consultations of the UN High-Level Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence AI as well as other AI governance consultations.
  • Promote debates among the community on topics related to global AI governance and the ethical, social, economic, technical, and environmental sustainability of AI through webinars.

Way of working

The open online meetings are at the core of PNAI work. Invitations to the meetings are shared through the PNAI mailing list. The PNAI mailing list is open for discussion between meetings. Information on the planned meetings and meeting summaries can be found on PNAI materials page. In addition, the Policy Network will set up thematic Sub-groups. 

The PNAI work is open to everyone to participate and contribute. PNAI Multistakeholder Working Group will engage and involve IGF communities such as MAG, networks of National, Regional and Youth IGFs; the network of Dynamic Coalitions; networks gathered around the IGF 2024 Youth Track ; and Parliamentary Track. PNAI members play key role in engaging their networks to the work.

PNAI Way of working

2024 PNAI Policy Brief 

The policy brief will reflect on the recommendations of the 2023 PNAI report, assess new and proposed regulations, best practices, ethical principles, guidance and actionable measures to be considered in governance frameworks that address AI’s design, development, deployment, and disposal, and propose next steps and recommendations for their implementation. The four 2024 Policy Brief focus areas are: 

  • AI governance, Interoperability, and Good practices
  • Environmental Sustainability and the AI value chain 
  • Liability as a mechanism for ensuring AI accountability
  • Labour issues within AI’s life cycle

PNAI four Sub-groups


Community Dialogue webinars 

PNAI will organize webinars on the four focus areas as a way to foster discussion and encourage inputs from the community, to cooperate with other actors and groups interested in the same area with a special focus on UN agencies and collaborating organizations and create a broad network of contributors.

Input to AI governance Consultations

The PNAI will submit multistakeholder inputs to the the UN High-Level Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence (UN HLAB) consultations and if possible, other international organizations’ consultations on AI governance to share the community’s expert knowledge.

Present progress of the work to the wider IGF community

The PNAI expects to collaborate and present the preliminary results in events such as the national and regional chapters of IGF. The Policy Network aims to share the final results of its work in 2024 during the IGF Annual Meeting in Riyadh. 


Four PNAI Sub-groups corresponding to the four focus areas are drafting Discussion Papers on their topics. The Sub-groups will share them with everyone through the PNAI mailing list for dialogue and feedback in PNAI MWG meetings. Draft PNAI Policy Brief will be prepared by summarizing the Discussion Papers that have been finalized in autumn. Feedback from the PNAI and wider IGF communities will be gathered through an open consultation.

The most important joint deadlines for PNAI community in autumn 2024 are:

  • Deadline for draft versions of Discussion papers 1.10.
  • Deadline for Discussion papers 25.10.
  • Deadline for draft version of the Policy Brief 7.11.
  • Deadline for Policy Brief 2.12.

PNAI timeline 2024

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