PNAI Work Plan 2023

PNAI Work Plan 2023 guides the Policy Network's activities. It sets shared goals, describes the way of working and presents a timeline for the first year. 

Explore the highlights of the Plan on this page, or read the full PNAI Work Plan 2023.

PNAI Goals

  • Focus on artificial intelligence and related aspects of data governance.
  • Learn from and elevate AI governance frameworks, principles and policies being developed in and for the Majority World and non-latinate languages.
  • Bring the IGF’s multistakeholder community together, gather and synthesize knowledge on this topic in the community.
  • Create focused conversations and clear messages through a systematic approach and framework. 
  • Build on previous discussions, create synergies, and create input to the global AI policy dialogue.

Way of working

The monthly (online) meetings are the core of PNAI work. Invitations to the meetings are shared through the PNAI mailing list. The PNAI mailing list is open for discussion between meetings. Information on the planned meetings and meeting summaries can be found on PNAI materials page. In addition, the Group may set up sub-groups to examine specific questions. 

The PNAI work is open to everyone to participate and contribute. PNAI Multistakeholder Working Group will engage and involve IGF communities such as MAG, networks of National, Regional and Youth IGFs; the network of Dynamic Coalitions; networks gathered around the IGF 2023 Youth Track ; and Parliamentary Track. PNAI members play key role in engaging their networks to the work.

PNAI Way of working


Report on AI and related aspects of data governance

The first output of the PNAI work will be a report to be presented at the IGF 2023 Annual Meeting in October 2023. The focus of the report is on AI and related aspects of data governance. The work towards the report is structured in five phases:

1 – Open dialogue. Agree on an outline and define thematic focus areas for the report. 

2 - Gather information.  Set up an open consultation to gather comments, written contributions or reports, desktop research, fact-finding calls with experts.

3 – Draft the report. Write and edit the report together.

4 – Consultation. Invite the wider community to comment on the draft report.

5 – Edit the report, deliver a final version.

PNAI Methodology


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