Radsch Courtney (Ms), Freedom House, US

Stakeholder Group: Civil Society

Region: Western European and Others Group -WEOG


Courtney C. Radsch is senior program manager for the Global Freedom of Expression Campaign. An international media expert with more than 12 years of journalism, new media and program management experience in the U.S., Middle East and Europe. She is the author of several book chapters and articles on cyberactivism and her articles have been published in leading international outlets including the International Herald Tribune, Oxford Analytica, Arab Media & Society and the Huffington Post.
Ms. Radsch regularly serves as a spokesperson for Freedom House on media and technology issues, has been quoted extensively in U.S. and foreign media outlets including PBS Frontline, NPR, Al Jazeera and the LA Times. She has represented Freedom House at numerous conferences, workshops, and events on the topics of internet and press freedom, cyberactivism, and most recently social media and the Arab Spring.
Ms. Radsch also has experience conducting media training, including journalism, cross cultural communications, and digital/social media, and international media development and has conducted research, assessment, and advocacy missions to Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Libya, Mozambique, Turkey, Uganda and the United Nations in New York and Geneva.
Prior to joining Freedom House, Ms. Radsch worked for Al Arabiya news station in Dubai. She has also held positions at the New York Times, the Daily Star (Lebanon), and the Development Executive Group and her articles have been published in an array of media outlets and books.
Ms. Radsch is completing her doctorate in international relations at American University and turning her dissertation, The Revolution Will be Blogged: Cyberactivism in Egypt,into a book. She holds a Masters degree from the Georgetown's School of Foreign Service and a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication from the University of California, Berkeley. She is proficient in Arabic, French and Spanish.