Roach, Carol

A Passion for People and Country.‎

Carol’s standard mode of operation is to “assess, advise, and assist”.  An active member of her ‎church, St. Ambrose Anglican Church, Nassau, Bahamas, and a dedicated Public Servant for over 28 ‎years, this mode has allowed her to drive change in both the personal lives of many as well as her ‎country.  ‎

A true “aquafile”, she loves swimming, and “people watching”; she is an avid scrabble player, and ‎a world traveler.‎

Carol completed her undergraduate studies at the University of The West Indies, Cavehill, ‎Barbados, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.  Her post graduate ‎studies were completed at Pace University, New York City, USA, where she earned a Master of ‎Science degree in Internet Technology for e-Commerce.  She is a Certified Project Management ‎Professional, and has completed formal training for Business Analyst Professional and Scrum ‎Master.  Her Public Service career has been in e-Government, ICT Governance, Policy and Strategy ‎Development, Skills Development, Project Management, Business Analysis, Process Development, ‎and ICT Implementations and Deployments.‎

Ms. Roach is currently the Acting Director of the Department of Transformation and Digitization, ‎Office of The Prime Minister; the central Information, Communications, and Technology agency for ‎Government. ‎