Sheikh, Liban Abdulkadir

Mr. Liban is the head of Regulatory department (licensing, numbering and Interconnection) of ‎the Somali National Communications Authority (NCA). He actively engaged in the ‎telecommunications and participated in various internet technology initiatives. He holds a ‎master’s degree in Telecommunications from International Islamic University Malaysia ‎

Mr. Liban is passionate about internet development in Somalia, he is among the founders of ‎the Somali Network Operators Group (SomNOG), which is a forum for Somali Networking ‎professionals to develop technical capacities, share experiences and collaborate on developing ‎expertise in networking and internet technologies. He is also a member of task force team who ‎is organizing the first Somali Internet Governance forum to be launched in March, 2020.‎

Throughout his career, he has contributed to the development of the Somali Internet by ‎delivering skill transfer and capacity development training initiatives on network infrastructure ‎and internet forums.  He is an active member of Somali Internet Exchange Point (SoIXP) ‎operation team who established the first Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Somalia, which ‎promotes voluntary peering between operators.  ‎

By holding different positions at the Ministry of Post, Telecommunications, Mr. Liban played a ‎significant role in the development and reforms of technology-related initiatives of the Somali ‎arena/context. During 2017-2019, he held the position of ICT director at the Ministry and ‎technically supported repatriation of the Somali internet registry (.so).‎