DC Sessions

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Dynamic Coalition Title

Child Online Safety

IGF 2020 Lessons learned from the Pandemic: child rights and safety

Community Connectivity

IGF 2020 Community Networks at Times of Crises and Pandemics

Data Driven Health Technologies

IGF 2020 Public Collaboration On Multi-Stakeholder Health Data Values

DC Schools on Internet Goverance

IGF 2020 Dynamic Coalition on Schools of Internet Governance

Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values

IGF 2020 Internet in Crisis Management and Renewal

Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust

IGF 2020 Inaugural meeting, Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust

Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance

IGF 2020 Future Unclear: data and bodies in the post-pandemic times

Dynamic Coalition on Innovative Approaches to Connecting the Unconnected

IGF 2020 Lessons Learnt from Evidence-Based Research

Dynamic Coalition on Internet Standards, Security and Safety (DC-ISSS)

IGF 2020 Launch of DC Internet Standards, Security & Safety (DC-ISSS)

Dynamic Coalition on Platform Responsibility

IGF 2020 Platform Regulations: Towards A Common Vocabulary

Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries (DC-PAL)

IGF 2020 Equitable access to digital content: lessons from COVID-19

Dynamic Coalition on Small Island Developing States in the Internet Economy

IGF 2020 The Criticality of the Internet for SIDS in a global crisis

Dynamic Coalition on the Sustainability of Journalism and News Media

IGF 2020 #Netgov and news media sustainability in the times of crisis

Dynamic Coaltion on Accessibility and Disabiity

IGF 2020 Accessibility - Closing the Gap

Internet Rights and Principles Coalition

IGF 2020 Sustainable Internet Governance & the Right to Development

Net Neutrality

IGF 2020 Net Neutrality at times of Covid19

Youth Coalition in Internet Governance (YCIG)

IGF 2020 Fostering a new key role of Youth in Internet Governance