IGF 2023 Remote Hubs

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Country: Bangladesh
Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum
Pre-events: Public awareness campaigns: Launch social media campaigns, publish blog posts, and conduct interviews to raise awareness about the UN IGF 2023 and the remote hub in Dhaka. This can help generate interest and excitement among stakeholders and the public.

Stakeholder engagement: Reach out to various stakeholders, such as civil society organizations, academia, and government agencies, to gather their inputs and ideas on the key issues to be discussed at the IGF. This can help ensure that the discussions are relevant and inclusive.

Networking events: Organize networking events and informal meetups for remote hub participants to connect and exchange ideas. This can help foster a sense of community and collaboration among participants.

Technical preparations: Ensure that the technical infrastructure and equipment needed for the remote hub, such as high-speed internet, video conferencing tools, and projection screens, are in place and functioning properly. Conduct technical tests and rehearsals to identify and resolve any issues in advance.

Local content creation: Encourage local content creation on the themes of the IGF, such as producing videos, podcasts, and articles. This can help showcase the unique perspectives and experiences of the Dhaka community and enrich the discussions at the remote hub.
Country: Bangladesh
Pre-events: sfsd
Country: Benin
ONG Women Be Free
Pre-events: . Mobilisation des participants
. Préparation des documents de travail
. Vulgarisation auprès des autres parties prenantes
. Mise en place de la connexion Internet
. Mise en place du matériel de diffusion à distance
. Mise en place de la restauration
. Location de salle
. Location de chaise
Country: Colombia
Asociación Colombiana de Usuarios de Internet
Pre-events: Reuniones previas a la realización del IGF 2023
Country: Dominican Republic
Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research (IPPDR)
Pre-events: Send out invitations: Send out invitations to all participants with the date, time, and location of the event. Consider sending a reminder email a few days before the event.

Conduct a survey: Before the event, conduct a survey to understand the participants' needs and expectations. This can help you tailor the meeting to meet their needs and ensure they have a positive experience.

Set up a networking platform: Set up a platform (e.g., LinkedIn, Slack, or a custom-made platform) for participants to network and connect with each other before the event. This can help build anticipation and excitement, as well as foster relationships that can benefit everyone involved.

Provide pre-reading materials: Provide participants with pre-reading materials, such as articles or reports, that will be discussed during the meeting. This can help participants prepare and contribute to more meaningful discussions.

Host a virtual pre-meeting: Host a virtual meeting or webinar before the event to provide an overview of what will be covered, and answer any questions participants may have. This can help build excitement and anticipation for the event, as well as provide an opportunity for participants to get to know each other before the event.

Arrange transportation and accommodations: If the event requires participants to travel, arrange transportation and accommodations in advance. Providing this service can help ensure that participants arrive on time and are well-rested for the meeting.

Volunteer training

Translators training
Country: Ethiopia
Pre-events: haw to use the internet for education
Country: Ghana
Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ)
Pre-events: 1. Formation of 4 member hub committee
2. Schedule 5 preparatory meeting and logistics planning before the IGF kickoff
3. Outreach and awareness creation to bring students and community to the hub
4. Selection of interested sessions
5. Going live and connecting with IGF Japan
6. Preparing and submission of final hup report to IGF Secretariat
Country: Haiti
Centre d'Innovation Technologique et d'Entrepreneuriat (CITE)
Pre-events: Yes.
Country: Libya
Annir Initiative
Pre-events: One session explaining the IGF and its process.
One session digging deep in the IGF areas and reflect it on the Libyan context.
Country: Nigeria
Stakeholder Engagement Digital Webinar Series for Africa (SENDiWSA)
Pre-events: Introduction to the Internet
Structure of the Internet
About Internet Governance

Video Sessions
Photo Sessions
Country: Nepal
Coffee at Anu Books
Pre-events: Bringing youth to the platform of the book shop.
Registration/ Membership
Capacity building on Internet governance
Country: South Sudan
Pre-events: We plan to hold a stakeholder engagement to discuss issues of concern for People with Disabilities (PWDs), we will then present to the IGF body that will host side chat related to the issue we want to present.
Country: Tanzania, United Republic of
American Corner
Pre-events: 1. Community mobilization
2. physical meetups events
3. Trainings, mentoring and coaching
4. Develop business pitching competitions
5. Fire side chat events
Country: Uganda
Rwenzogreen Associates Ltd
Pre-events: Organise the Venue, to delegate tasks who will troubleshoot the microphone, presentation screen,refreshments,meeting program,
To distinguish important topics to discuss.
Check availability of attendees and brainstorm.
Develop an agenda Similar to the official meeting and know what we want to accomplish,
Clarify ideas and activities.
Country: Vanuatu
CityPort Vila
Vanuatu Internet Governance Forum
Pre-events: Pre IGF preparatory meeting
Country: Zambia
BongoHive Innovations Limited
Pre-events: Developing an agenda: The agenda will outline the topics to be covered and the order in which they will be presented and discussed.

Sending invitations: Once the agenda is developed, invitations will be sent to all participants with the date, time, and location of the meeting.

Assigning roles: The assignment of specific roles to participants, such as note-taker or timekeeper, and technical operator; to ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them.

Gathering materials: Any materials needed for the meeting, such as reports, data, or presentations, will be gathered and distributed to participants before the meeting.

Setting goals and objectives: We will set clear goals and objectives for the meeting to ensure that it is productive and achieves its intended outcomes.