IGF 2019 OF #14 Online Protection of Underage Users


It is proposed to invite government officials, representatives of international organizations, scholars and representatives of children to discuss issues related to children's online protection, to call on the whole world to join hands to pay attention to protect the legal rights and interests of children in cyberspace. We look forward to fully exchanging international experiences, discussing practical solutions, achieving a series of fruitful consensus on the protection of children online through IGF, especially on this forum.
1) Provide an in-depth exchange of experiences and practices in protection of children online and listen to their own ideas and suggestions;
2) Discuss the measures of children online protection such as policies, laws, economics as well as technology, and try to find out a feasible ways to strengthen the social co-governance;
3) Initiate a proposal for children online protection to promote the construction of a trustful and safety environment;
4) Promote the national legislation of children online protection,facilitate the participation of the children in the relevant decision-making process,raise the awareness of children, parents or guardians, educators and all the other stakeholders on protecting children from online risks while promoting the benefits of technical advancements for children.


Cyberspace Administration of China
Bureau of Policy and Regulations,Cyberspace Administration of China


1. Fatoumata Ndiaye Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF
2. Subbotin Vadim Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Supervision in the
sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications
3. Tong Lihua Director of the Minor Protection Special Committee of the All-
China Lawyers Association, Director of Beijing Children's Legal Aid and Research Center
4.Wang Feng Director of The Department of Youth Rights Protection, Communist Youth League of China
5. Major Dana Humaid Almarzooqi Acting Director of Child Protection Centre at UAE's Ministry of Interior;Board Member of WePROTECT

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