IGF 2019 OF #38 Impacts of Consolidation in the Internet Economy


Internet Society (ISOC) Open Forum is dedicated to IGF participants that shares the common goal of advocating for an open, globally-connected, trustworthy and secure Internet for everyone, and to our own ISOC community comprised of chapters, organizational and individual members.

Based on our Global Internet Report 2017: Paths to Our Digital Future, the ways in which the Internet Economy could evolve in the future could have significant implications for the other Drivers, such as Cyber Threats, Role of Governments, and Networks, Standards and Interoperability. During 2018, the Internet Society worked raising several questions linked to an increasingly consolidated Internet economy, including understanding the potential benefits and challenges of consolidation – to its users as well as to the Internet’s fundamental technical properties.

The Global Internet Report 2019 on Consolidation in the Internet economy outlined the benefits and the threats and what features from the current trends of consolidation are considered important as we look towards the future, it has prompted questions that have made it clear that consolidation is a topic that will require further work, this work should be done in collaboration with the broader Internet community.

The Open Forum will bring an opportunity to promote an interactive and collaborative session to tackle a key question: How consolidation of the Internet Economy will impact the Internet’s technical evolution and use in the future?

Agenda (60 min):
Part 1 - Initial remarks and setting the scene (20min)
Onsite Moderator:
• Future of the Internet: what actions we need to take now to shape our digital future (10 min)
o Andrew Sullivan, CEO (GIR 2019 + ISOC 2019 priorities)
• Overview of consolidation as it manifests in different layers of the Internet (10 min)
o Carl Gahnberg and/or Constance Bommelaer

Part 2 - Open Discussion (30 min):
Questions about Consolidation will be raised to be answered in breakout groups (3), each with at least one facilitator and one rappourteur.

(10 min) Conclusions: Each rapporteur will read a short summary from the groups discussions


Internet Society


Andrew Sullivan (CEO), Internet Society
Constance Bommelaer, Internet Society
Carl Gahnberg, Internet Society

Online Moderator: 

Paula Real


GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure