IGF 2019 WS #83 Different Parties' Role in PI Protection: AP's Practices

Organizer 1: Yueqiao Wang, CyberSecurity Association of China
Organizer 2: Jian Zhang, CyberSecurity Association of China
Organizer 3: Xiaobo Yang, CyberSecurity Association of China

Speaker 1: Yuxiao Li, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 2: Yanqing Hong, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 3: Robert Yonaitis, Private Sector, Asia-Pacific Group

Policy Question(s): 

The full title of this workshop is "Different Parties’ Roles in Personal Information Protection: Practices and Attempts in the view of the Asia-Pacific Region".

This workshop will focus on the following questions:

1. What should we do to achieve the balance between the innovation of data-driven technology, application & services, and personal information protection?
2. What is each party’s role and responsibility in the process of personal information protection, including government agencies, civil societies, technical communities, private sectors, and individuals?
3. The value and experience of the Asia-Pacific Region’s practices and attempts, in comparison with EU’s measures and regulations.

Relevance to Theme: Personal Information protection is crucial in data governance. Nowadays we are confronting more and more privacy leakage incidents, illegal transactions of personal information in underground markets, and unreasonable collection, usage & transfer of them from information technology enterprises. Emerging technologies and applications such as 5G, IoT and AI cannot be developed without suficient data as well as trust and confidence from individuals. Therefore, balancing personal information protection with technical innovation is of great value in data governance area.

Asia-Pacific region has a massive number of Internet users (especially in China and India). However, it’s also the region who has the most prominent imbalance in data governance, due to the region’s diverse political systems, governance capabilities, cultures and development levels. In recent years, the Asia-Pacific region has come to realize the importance of strengthening data governance. Countries like Singapore, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, China and so on have enacted laws & regulations or taken actions to build or amend their personal information protection systems. Carrying out such a workshop to exchange and share experience, will, on the one hand, form a good mechanism for interaction, and on the other hand, explore the value of the practice in Asia-Pacific region in a global perspective.

Relevance to Internet Governance: Given the fact that the Internet development in a majority of Asia-Pacific countries starts late, the region contributes less to formation of Internet governance in the early stages. But today, as Asia-Pacific is becoming the most active gathering place for Internet innovation and the most dynamic scenario of Internet governance, balancing personal information protection with value creation is especially an urgent need of this area.

Over the past decade, experience in Internet governance has demonstrated the importance of multi-parties’ participation. However, the Asia Pacific perspective has not been thoroughly explored in the past IGFs, it is essential for the world to see Asia-Pacific’s views and efforts. We hope the attempts and practices from governments, civil societies, private sectors and individuals in the Asia-Pacific region will enrich the model of Internet governance. And we wish to work with different parties to form a joint force to promote personal information security.


Panel - Auditorium - 60 Min

Description: 1. Opening Session - 5 minutes

The moderators will start off the session by welcoming the panelists, framing the topics and introducing the purpose and arrangement of the workshop.

2. Presentation - 25 minutes

The purpose of the presentation is to bring together various parties, including representatives from the government, civil society, enterprise, university and think tank, to promote the communications in personal information protection. Panelists from China, Singapore and Japan will introduce personal information protection legislation and measures that have been taken in their countries and review different parties’ roles. They will also share their opinions on how to achieve the balance this workshop aims to discuss. The speakers are as follows:

(1) Mr. Li Yuxiao, Secretary-general of CyberSecurity Association of China (Civil Society, Industry Association, China)
(2) Mr. Hong Yanqing, Senior Researcher at Law and Development Academy at Peking University (Civil Society, University, China)
(3) Mr. Robert B.Yonaitis, Privacy Protection Solutions Architect at Huawei Technologies (Private Sector, Company, United States)
(4) Mrs. Clarisse Girot, Data Privacy Project Lead at Asian Business Law Institute (ABLI) (Civil Society, Research Institute, Singapore)
(5) Mr. Hiroshi Miyashita, Former Officer of Personal Information Protection in the Cabinet Office of Japan (Government, Japan)

3. Discussion and Q&A - 25 minutes

After the presentation, the moderator will engage the guests from the U.S, Russia and the EU in a lively discussion to get their comment on personal information protection issues in the Asia-Pacific region from the aspect of government authority and technical community, etc. They will also initiate dialogue on sharing best practices and shed light on the concerns on the cooperation of personal information protection at international level.

Guests include:

(1) Guest from Cyberspace Administration of China (Government, China)
(2) Mr. Werner Zorn, Father of Germany Internet (Civil Society, Germany)
(3) Ms. Fanny Coudert, Legal Officer of European Data Protection Supervisor (Government, EU)
(4) Mr. Paul Wilson, General Director of APNIC (Technical Community, Australia)
(5) Mr. Leonid Todorov, General Manager of APTLD (Technical Community, Russia)
(6) Mr. Bruce McConnell, Global Vice President of EastWest Institute (Civil Society, United States)

The floor will then be open for Q & A both on-site and online audience.

4. Closing Session - 5 minutes

Expected Outcomes: 1. Collect advice, including suggestions on how to balance personal information protection with technology innovation; and suggestions on the roles and responsibilities of each parties.
2. Explore the practice and measures in the Asia-Pacific Region with referential value.

Onsite Moderator: 

Jian Zhang, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group

Online Moderator: 

Yueqiao Wang, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group


Yueqiao Wang, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group

Discussion Facilitation: 

This workshop session includes onsite and online discussion and Q&A.

Online Participation: 

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