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IGF 2020 Village Booth #40 Access Now


Access Now would like to request a booth at the IGF 2020 Village. Mindful of our carbon footprint, we intend to display copies of our publications, which people can download thanks to a QR code, as well as digital security tips for IGF participants, and interactive versions of our latest reports.
Our technologists have run digital security clinics at previous IGF conferences, where attendees have been able to raise questions and get immediate help. Our policy and advocacy experts for Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, North and South America have also presented our work on various topics, engaging with IGF attendees beyond the official sessions and side events. We offer direct technical assistance and policy advice, and having a booth is an opportunity to contribute to the IGF program and present interactive work and projects such as access to the internet and intentional disruptions, data protection, debunking myths about artificial intelligence, and more.