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Morenets, Yuliya

Ms Yuliya MORENETS is a Representative of TaC- Together against Cybercrime, a non-profit making civil society organisation against cybercrime. The organisation is actively involved in Internet Governance issues, stimulating discussion on the Use of ICTs by vulnerable people and initiating the debate on the format of Youth and Teenagers’ IGF.

Ms Morenets has been working for a long time now with the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime, as a Deputy Head of the Unit on cybercrime and organised crime of the Council of Europe. Ms Morenets is a Council of Europe expert at the questions related to good governance at the local level; she is an external expert for the Council of Europe Working Group on Cross-border Internet.

She is an ITU Team Leader for HIPSSA project on Cybersecurity.

Ms Morenets is a EuroDIG core team member and is an organiser of a number of EuroDIG and IGF remote hubs in France.

Yuliya Morenets was a part of the Council of Europe delegation to IGF in 2007, since then she has been an active participant and a TaC Representative during Internet Governance Forums.

She is actively involved in a number of Regional IGFs as a speaker and an active stakeholder of IGF Ukraine.

Ms Morenets was a TaC organiser of the First French Youth and Teenagers’ IGF in 2011.

In 2010 and 2011 she was a TaC organiser of IGF workshops 109 (2010) and 126 (2011).

She is a civil society Representative for TaC in a number of organisations and events, member of IGC, representative in Euralo/ICANN, eG8, others.

She is a Lecturer at Strasbourg University and a Co-Chair of research Group « Use of Internet by Youth ».

Ms Morenets is an Advisory Committee Bureau Member within the Strasbourg City Hall where she coordinates a Working Group “Internet Governance at the local level”.

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