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NRIs Compendium

NRIs Discussion Priorities in 2019 and 2020

This publication aims at providing an overall analytical overview of the NRIs discussion areas during ‎‎2019 and 2020. It presents thematic trends on a collective level, as well as the discussions focus on an ‎individual level. ‎
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as early in 2020 annual cycle, the NRIs have seen sudden and ‎dramatic challenges in both procedural and substantive areas of their work on implementation of the ‎IGF frameworks across the word. Less meetings were hosted than in 2020, compared to 2019, primarily because of the ‎pandemic and its impact on the overall environment. ‎
There was an evident shift in the overall thematic focus, comparted to 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic ‎and the role of the Internet dominated the 2020 NRIs discussions. This was mostly prompted by the ‎fact that, due to strict measures for physical distancing, people were forced to turn to digital in order ‎to continue going to schools, working and communicating etc. Given the proven dependency on the ‎Internet, the NRIs discussions broadly focused on the urgent need for bridging the digital divides and meaningfully ‎connecting everyone; toward the need for investment in capacity development on individual and ‎institutional levels. The latter mostly related to developing digital literacy for people to safely and ‎confidently use the Internet, through educational trainings, which calls for more collaborative efforts ‎and cooperative mechanisms among all stakeholders. Digital transformation in education was present ‎in many of the NRIs discussions, with narratives relating to accessibility of e-education to the need for ‎modernisation of educational systems through digital tools and services, and as mentioned ‎introducing digital literacy-related subjects.‎‎
As broadly emerging discussion area among the NRIs in 2020, the environmental sustainability stood ‎out. ‎
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