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Parris, June

Ms. Parris June has experience in business development and research, involved with startups, business support and voluntary work;
Has written and been involved in policy making and outcomes for the NHS Primary care;
Experienced Nurse in Primary Care, Chronic disease management , General and Surgical care and Clinical Research and Management;
Specialty in Psychiatric Nursing with an interest in Dementia and incarceration;
Experience in lone working and working from home;
Committed to culture and the arts social interaction and well being;
Experience in contracts that involve traveling and commuting;
Has been involved in ground breaking research. Recently Nutrition in pregnant women;
Is on the Action team for the ISOCBB both internal and external;
Has lived in Barbados , Germany , Scotland and the U.K.;
Loves technology and has been involved in collection data to be used in building soft wear;
Loves traveling, gardening , culture and the arts.

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