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Taking Stock of IGF 2020 and Suggesting Improvements for IGF 2021

All IGF stakeholders are invited to submit inputs to the IGF Secretariat to assist with the planning for the 2021 annual IGF meeting to be held in Poland.

Please be as concrete as possible, but also be creative. Express criticism if you feel it will help strengthen the IGF. Please also state your name, stakeholder group, region, organization, and whether you are submitting your input in your individual capacity or on behalf of an institution.

You can submit inputs through the form below or send a written contribution directly to the email address: takingstock [at] intgovforum [dot] org

Deadline to submit inputs: 20 January 2021, 23:59 UTC.

All inputs will be posted on the IGF website, as received.

The IGF Secretariat will produce a synthesis paper of all contributions received by the deadline, which will serve as an input to the 1st Open Consultations and MAG Meeting of the 2021 IGF preparatory process.​

If you would like to suggest themes for the IGF 2021, please respond to the separate call until 31 January: IGF 2021 Call for Thematic Inputs.

Note: If you have an IGF Community account, you can load your profile data in the form below and even keep a draft before submitting. (If you do not have an IGF Community account yet, you can create one now and re-access this form -and any other in the future- with your profile data).

Proposer Details
To find the explanation of the regional groups, please click here.
Taking Stock of the IGF 2020: programming, outputs, preparatory process, community intersessional activities and the event itself: What worked well? What worked not so well?
Community intersessional activities and NRIs
IGF 2020 programme content: please comment on the content, speakers and quality of discussions
What is your overall feedback on the IGF 2020 participation, including diversity accross stakeholder groups, gender, regional groups etc.?
Overview of the IGF 2020 Outputs is available at
What are your suggestions for improvements for IGF 2021?
How could we improve the quality of participation at the IGF 2021?
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