Amuge, Peace Oliver

Peace Amuge

Peace is a Communications Specialist, Gender Digital Rights Activist and a Writer, she’s ‎currently the Executive Director of Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET), Non-‎Governmental Organisation that promotes the use of technology and internet as a tool for ‎gender equality and sustainable development. ‎

Peace has been a member of MAG working group on Strengthening and Strategy, a Faculty ‎member of the Arusha Women School of Internet Governance and was a member of the ‎working group for the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) on the Current ‎Landscape and Intersectionality’s for Environmental Justice and ICT. Currently she’s one of the ‎mentors for Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) under the Open Internet for ‎Democracy Initiative. ‎

She has experience in gender responsive policy advocacy, development of policy documents ‎and undertaking research. As a team leader at WOUGNET she’s been at the helm of organising ‎dialogues with policy makers and civil society organisations, promoting movement building in ‎the civic space and implementing projects that promote women’s rights online. She has ‎authored online publications on topics related to women’s digital human rights. ‎

You can find her on LinkedIn