Cade, Marilyn

Marilyn Cade works at the nexus of Internet, information and communications technology (ICT) and global public policy in relation to the Internet and its changing role as a critical communications infrastructure and global contributor to social and economic growth. She is actively engaged on behalf of business in the events and meetings where Internet governance are being discussed, organized by International and Intergovernmental organizations. She has a long history in ensuring business engagement in such bodies, working with TechAmerica’s Internet Governance and Online Services Sub-Committee and its predecessor, ITAA. Cade was one of five business representatives to the United Nation’s CSTD Working Group on Improvements to the IGF. Cade was also a Director in the G20 ICT Policy Network, a WITSA supported initiative to advance industry perspectives on the role of ICTs in global economic recovery through working with G20 leaders and innovation ministers. Recently, Cade was appointed to the United Nations’ CSTD’s Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation. She is currently an officer in the Executive Committee of the Commercial Stakeholder Group (CSG) and Business Constituency at ICANN, and past chair of the Business Constituency. Cade acts as the Chief Catalyst for the IGF USA, the US nationally organized forum that feeds into the global IGF []. She has been actively engaged in the Internet Governance Forum [IGF} as a participant, organizer of workshops, and in catalyzing engagement of the national and regional IGF initiatives. Cade has extensive expertise in representing and advising business in multi lateral organizations, such as the ITU, OECD, APEC, WIPO, CSTD and ICANN. Prior to founding ICT Strategies, Cade LLC, she led Internet policy and e-commerce policy for AT&T, where she helped to found and lead numerous industry coalitions and initiatives in e-commerce, copyright and trademark, cyber crime, security, child safety online, online privacy and Internet governance. Cade holds a MSW in Organizational Development from St. Louis University, and has an extensive technical background, as well as further professional training and expertise in organizational development.