Call for nominations for IGF 2022 Expert Group Meeting (EGM)

All stakeholders from all regions and disciplines are invited to nominate candidates to participate in the EGM, through the nomination form below. Governments are invited to submit names for consideration through official communication to the IGF Secretariat [[email protected]]. 
Relevant international intergovernmental organizations (treaty-based) interested in participating are also invited to contact the IGF Secretariat expressing their interest.  
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Deadline to nominate is: 28 February 2022, 23:59 UTC.
Technical notes:
  • Please note that this form is intended to be filled in by the nominator.
  • If you are nominating yourself, please add your personal information in both the nominator and nominee fields.
  • The nominee is required to accept the nomination, in order for it to be considered as a completed EGM 2022 Nomination.
  • The nominator can only submit a nomination for the nominee of the same stakeholder group.
  • If you use an abbreviation or acronym, please spell out the term in the first instance and put the abbreviation/acronym in brackets.
Nominator Details
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Nominee Details
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