Dofel, Sook-Jung

As Director General Sook-Jung Dofel is top-level management and responsible for the Academy for International Cooperation at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. The Academy delivers skills development for experts and managers in the field of international cooperation. Sook-Jung previously held the position as Head of Strategy and Strategic Foresight and worked on issues relating to corporate development and in particular on data and technology driven trends.

Prior to this Sook-Jung led programmes on Public Financial Management in Malawi and Cameroon and had further assignments from the Philippines and Ecuador.

She is winner of the hackathon #wirvsvirus by the German Federal Government- with the project #callvscorona on low tech approach to inform on COVID-19.

She is ‎passionate about Internet related policy issues, digital rights and governance and exploring the potential of Internet, data and new technologies for development/international cooperation as well as finding opportunities for ‎interdisciplinary cooperation and partnerships. She is skilled in Public Financial Management, Good Governance, Strategic Foresight and trained in Law.

Sook-Jung was appointed by the UN Secretary-General to be a member of the 2021 Multistakeholder ‎Advisory Group with the Internet Governance Forum.