Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values

{tab Introduction}

​​The Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values was conceived during the IGF Workshop at Egypt ​ 2009​(workshop No 319) with  ​the then Internet Society President Lynn St Amour as Chair of the Workshop,  “Workshop on Fundamentals: Core Internet Values”, which examined the questions: What is the Internet? What makes it what it is? What are its architectural principles? What are the core values? And what is happening to the core values in the process of its evolution? What is it that needs to be preserved and what changes are inevitable? What does the Internet Community say as what can’t be changed? How could changes and improvements be brought about without compromising on the core values? How would the different positions between stakeholders be reconciled to commit to the core Internet values?

After IGF Egypt ​ ​the ​ ​Dynamic Coalition on this theme ​ ​was formed, with meetings held since 2010 at every global IGF as also with topics on and around this theme during Regional IGF workshops at New Delhi, Macau as also during Internet Society Chapter meetings including at Chennai and New York.


{tab Action Plan}

​The Dynamic Coalition plans to list and define Core Internet Values as also identify threats that need to be addressed. The Coalition members strive for a commitment to the Core Internet Values across stakeholder groups as well as to seek to define Core Internet Values as a reference standard for Internet Policy.​ The action plan is to continue work within the Internet Governance Forum framework as well as between the IGFs.

{tab Mailing list}

[email protected]

{tab Stakeholders}

​Amie Stepanovich

Janna Quitney Anderson

Alejandro Pisanty

Courtney Radsch

Daniel Dardailler

David Cake

Avri Doria

Fátima Cambronero

George Sadowsky

Ian Peter

Sivasubramanian M

Joly MacFie

Elizabeth Oluoch

Katy Pearce

Markus Kummer

Desiree Miloshevic

Nick Ashton-Hart

Nighat Dad

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond

Patrick Falstrom

Paul Wilson

Baronness Rennie Fritchie

Sébastien Bachollet

Lynn St.Amour

Steve Crocker

Subi Chaturvedi

Sylvia Cadena

Vint Cerf

wendy (W3)

Wolfgang Benedek​ 


{tab Reports}

The Dynamic Coalition has had five meetings so far, at the Internet Governance Forum, Vilnius, Nairobi, Baku, Bali and Istanbul.  

Also, on the theme of "Core Internet Values" events were organized in Chennai, India and more events / meeting are being discussed.

Report of the IGF 2014 Meeting

Report and meeting description in 2013

Report and meeting description in 2012

Report of the 2009 Workshop 319 on Fundamentals: Core Internet Values

Audio of the 2009 Workshop 319 on Fundamentals: Core Internet Values

{tab Community}

IGF Community Group: Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values


{tab Contact}

Sivasubramanian Muthusamy at [email protected]

Web Page: http://coreinternetvalues.org