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[In focus] The DC on Digital Health is conducting an annual study on the 'State of Digital Health – 2022'. To contribute to the study, please fill in the survey https://tinyurl.com/DC-DigitalHealth2022 . We will share the findings in the form of a detailed report.

COVID-19 has brought to focus the importance of using technology for healthcare delivery at all levels, be it primary, secondary, or tertiary care. It is time that healthcare systems across the globe adopt and incorporate Internet and Internet-based technologies across the continuum of care. We must strive and work together to galvanize all stakeholders so that the three-tiered healthcare system becomes four-tiered to include digital health as the base tier.

The Dynamic Coalition on Digital Health is not just timely but critical to showcase and enhance the role of the Internet and the Internet of things in digital health. This will aim to boost the adoption of digital health to make healthcare become affordable, effective, and outcome-driven, with patient centricity as its overarching theme. 

  • Galvanize stakeholders from across the globe in digital health through this dynamic coalition on a single platform.
  • Engage global stakeholders and grassroots organizations to address the critical issues for the success of digital health across developed, developing, and underdeveloped economies.
  • Showcase the implementers at the annual IGF and disseminate the information needed to boost the adoption of digital health.
  • Work together with clinicians and allied health professionals besides the healthcare managers across the private and public sectors to boost the adoption of digital health.

Action Plan

  • Come out with a yearly report on the ‘State of Digital Health’ highlighting achievements, best practices, and the need gap to boost the adoption of digital health at scale.
  • Organize online and offline workshops across regions on how local communities can leverage the Internet for digital health.
  • Organize a global meeting annually on a rotation basis. 
  • Showcase real-life stories and brainstorm ideas and innovations at regional IGF and annual IGF meetings.
  • Come out with white papers and knowledge papers across the regions and sectors in digital health, and work with other DCs to achieve our objectives.


  • European Connected Health Alliance – EU (civil society). Represented by Brain O’Connor, Chairman.
  • Health Parliament – Digital Health Associates – India (private sector). Represented by Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta, Founder & Chairman. 
  • Digital Health Academy – India (academia). Represented by Ms. Mevish P.Vaishnav, Chief Operating Officer.
  • National Digital Health Mission (National Health Authority), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India (Government). Represented by Dr. Praveen Gedam, Additional CEO.
  • Dr. Archana Tapuria, Honorary Researcher, Kings College, London (academia). 
  • Dubai Health Authority (government). Represented by Osama Elhassan, Specialist – eHealth & Smart Health Department.


Mailing List

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Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta | Chairman, Dynamic Coalition on Digital Health – founder[at]parliament.health