Dynamic Coalitions

The meeting will provide space for active Dynamic Coalitions to meet and to further develop their efforts. Meetings of Dynamic Coalition should not be workshops. They should be action oriented and make an effort to ensure that a broad range of stakeholders can bring their expertise to the discussions.

All Dynamic Coalitions are requested to present a report on their achievements so far in general and on their activities in 2010/2011, and their meeting in Vilnius in particular. The reports will be posted on the IGF Web site.

Only Dynamic Coalitions that have submitted such a report will remain listed as Dynamic Coalitions on the IGF Web site and will be given a meeting slot in Nairobi. All other Dynamic Coalitions will be listed under the heading ‘inactive Dynamic Coalitions’. Upon request, a group that wishes to form a new Dynamic Coalition may submit a proposal to the IGF Secretariat for a meeting slot.

Organizers of workshops and main session are encouraged to work with Dynamic Coalitions in the preparation of related sessions.

Duration of Dynamic Coalition meetings: two hours.