Dynamic Teen Coalition


The Dynamic Teen Coalition at the IGF is an extraordinary platform that empowers passionate and determined teenagers to take part in shaping the global landscape of internet governance. Through the near selection of thirteen teens for an ultra-intersectional STEAM Teen Board in coordination with our existing multigenerational Co-chair mentorships, we create a slow to growth community with shared concerns and hopeful solutions. 

DTC offers engaging social media challenges and contextualised creator awards, elevating the best teen solutions, creative expressions, and innovative developments that transcend physical borders on a web of new teen communities surrounded by change and hope. We amplify the voices of current teen leaders and will listen and do our best to shift into action.

Additionally, we celebrate the rich cultural tapestry of host countries by integrating their unique artistic, musical, literary, and media traditions into our endeavours. This artistic celebration is complemented by an exploration of the technological advancements specific to each host country, fostering an appreciation for their contributions to the global technological landscape.

Together, we unify under the banner of the Dynamic Teen Coalition, breaking down barriers and building a global digital community where teens' diverse contributions are valued and celebrated. We recognize outstanding achievements through the creator awards, honoring those who showcase exceptional creativity, innovation, and problem-solving capabilities.

Join us in this remarkable journey of connectivity, inclusivity, and transformative change. Become a trailblazer within the Dynamic Teen Coalition at the IGF and be a catalyst for global change. Let us now redefine the boundaries of internet governance to include teen voices and let us continue to leave an indelible mark on the world stage.

Action Plan

Welcome to the Dynamic Teen Coalition at the IGF, where opportunities await and the power of youth shapes the future of internet governance. Embrace the challenges and be a part of the global change. Together, let's ignite conversations and build a brighter future with #igf23 #justlisten #allkids #everyage #unitednationshumanrights

In 2023, our focus is on unraveling the complex intersections of artificial intelligence and mental health online. Through these challenges, we immerse ourselves in the multifaceted aspects of this evolving relationship, fostering fresh insights and transformative solutions.

Mailing list

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  • Stacy Gildenston (co-chair)
  • Pyrate Ruby Passell (co-chair)
  • Glenn McKnight, Virtual School of Internet Governance (co-chair)
  • Veronica Piccolo, European commission (co-chair)