Elgamal, Hossam

Hossam Elgamal is a board member and treasurer of AFICTA, contributing in making synergy between African nations ICT industries, bringing stronger ties and higher maturity by sharing knowledge, challenges and successes, while also bridging between African ICT industry and International ICT cloud and governing policies.

Hossam is currently the Vice-Chairman of Eitesal Association www.eitesal.org, the leading ICT industry NGO in Egypt and head of it executive office, while for previous years he was a board member and chairing its Software Division with 150 members catering them and all the SW industry with required activities advocating for them and boosting their business development, technical and entrepreneurship capabilities. He is among others, member of several committees in MCIT, ICT chamber, the AMCHAM and the CANCHAM.

In his Capacity as Vice-Chairman of Eitesal, he is participating in formulating the ICT industry in Egypt and related strategic projects with the government. Hossam is actively participating as a leading member of the e-security and e-knowledge transfer community in Egypt, contributing in formulating related awareness and maturity strategy.

He is a member of the National Child Internet Safety Committee, led by the Senior Advisor of MCIT for information Security, contributing in better legislations, awareness, training and technology implement-tation to assure safer internet use for children.

Hossam is focused currently on setting ICT strategies to serve different market segments in growing countries achieving creative non-traditional leap frog steps toward prosperity by capitalising on technology transfer, localised creative ideas and best successful similar projects worldwide to roll out.

Hossam is a serial entrepreneur, currently partner in GNSE Group www.gnsegroup.com, Edrac www.edrac.com, Agora www.forsa.com.eg, Telemed international www.telemedint.net with a professional experience covering ICT Technical, International Business Development, General and strategic Management.