FORMAT #2: Roundtable

A roundtable discussion puts speakers in conversation with one another on a particular theme or issue. A moderator will introduce subject matter experts (if any) at the table and explain the discussion topic before engaging all discussants in the room in a roundtable conversation.  Everyone ‘at the table’ is given equal weight and equal opportunity to intervene. Workshop proposals for the roundtable format should identify the subject matter experts and describe how  walk-in participants will  be encouraged to participate in the discussion.


  • 90 mins; or
  • 60 mins

Optimal Layout:

  • Hollow-square or room with large round/rectangular table; additional seats outside of the circular/rectangular configuration for additional participants;
  • Table microphones;
  • If speakers are participating remotely, the use of video/audio conferencing;
  • Online participation station.

Note on Diversity Criteria: The subject matter experts and moderator identified in the proposal should be diverse.

Example: WS 28 The Right to Be Forgotten and Privatized Adjudication [Description; Video, Transcript & Report]