Giacomo Mazzone

He has 30 years’ experience in the information, sport and international relations sectors, trained as a journalist, with a great deal of experience in international companies and organizations (RAI, Euronews, Eurosport, and now EBU). He also has worked for all traditional media (press, radio, general interest TV) but also new media (all-news channels, Internet portals). Expert in European and international negotiations.

Currently, his position is Head of Institutional Relations and of Members Relations South, in charge of follow-up with members of the MENA region (Algeria, Marocco, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon) and of the Northern shore of Mediterranean Sea (Italy, France, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, and so on).




Cultural Diversity – 2008 special edition of the magazine Economia della Cultura (contribution and coordination)


The BBC Royal Charter – 2007  edizioni Prix Italia – Eurovisioni


Internationalization of Chinese TV sector – 2007 Lit Verlag Berlin (contribution)


9/11 New Media and Breaking news – 2005 bilingual English/French edition EBU, Italian edition ERI-RAI