Hybrid Format - Guidelines for Workshop & Other Session Proposals

IGF 2022 will be organized in a hybrid format, welcoming participants joining physically onsite in Addis Ababa as well as those joining online. The goal is for everyone to have a full and equal experience when participating in IGF sessions. We recognise this is an aspirational goal, but it is important to set the trend for future IGFs. Workshop and session organizers are expected to consider elements of interactivity and accommodate the hybrid format in their proposals. These elements will play an important role in the MAG's evaluation of proposals.

The MAG and IGF Secretariat will provide training and discussion webinars for all session organizers; these will be mandatory. 

Please pay attention to the following:

  • IGF 2022 will use the Zoom online platform. 
  • Consider including a mix of online and onsite speakers/panellists in your session. Describe the expected dynamics between the speakers/panellists, and dynamics between speakers/panellists and the audience.
  • You should assign a  moderator or facilitator for the speakers/panellists and a moderator or facilitator for the online participants (e.g. chat, comments, questions, etc.). If your moderator is online, the MAG can help assign an onsite moderator, whose presence is required.
  • Proposals for sessions held with speakers/panellists only online will be considered.
  • Proposals for sessions held with speakers/panellists only onsite should explain how they will include online participants.
  • Sessions at IGF 2022 should provide an engaging experience for participants joining online and onsite. How will you design the session to ensure the best possible experience for the online and onsite participants?
  • Will you use any features such as break-out sessions, or interactive and engagement tools such as mentimeter, slido, and others? If yes, describe how these will be used.