Ibarra, Rafael Lito

Rafael "Lito" Ibarra is the founding President and Executive Director of SVNet, the Registry for the El Salvador‘s .SV Top Level Domain for Internet. He participates in socio-technological undertakings and collaborates with private technology companies, governmental, academic and non-governmental organizations. In 1995, he made possible the connectivity of El Salvador to the Internet. He has been a Board member of LACTLD, LACNIC, RedCLARA, ICANN, and others, both nationally and internationally. He is also the president of the El Salvador Internet Society Chapter and one of the coordinators and organizers of the local IGF, as well as the Internet Day celebrations in his country. He collaborates periodically with printed and digital publications and frequently present conferences, workshops and talks nationally and internationally. He currently sits on boards of private companies, non-profit organizations and government entities. He has received national and international recognition for his work, including the LACNIC Career Award in 2020, and he was inducted to the Internet Hall of Fame in 2021. He is known as the Father of the Internet in El Salvador.