IGF 2017 WS #117 Internet Shutdowns taking a toll on Africa’s internet economy

Short Title
Internet Shutdowns taking a toll on Africa’s digital economy

Proposer's Name: Ms. Yolanda Mlonzi

Proposer's Organization: Internet Society Gauteng

Co-Proposer's Name: Mr. Joash Moitui

Co-Proposer's Organization: Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies


Ms.,Yolanda,MLONZI,CivilSociety,Internet Society Mr.,Joash,MOITUI,CivilSociety,Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies Ms.Aicha,JERIDI,CivilSociety,Hivos-IGMena

Additional Speakers

1. Barrack Otieno, General Manager, African Top Level Domains Organization (AFTLD) (Kenya, Technical Community)

Mr. Otieno areas of expertise include Internet and Information and Communications Technology Policy development and advocacy, community based Information and Communications Technology for development work and institutional leadership with emphasis on strategy development and multicountry stakeholder and coalition development. He's expertise is anchored around the role of the Internet as a tool for social and economic development focusing on Internet governance, public policy, the right and access to communication and Information for all.

Specialties: planning and management Skills, Innovativeness and ability to meet strict deadlines, teamwork and ability to work under minimum supervision, strategy and Information Systems Policy formulation, Competence in maintenance and general computer use, Good training and facilitation skills, Competence in internet and network technologies, Competence in general administrative duties, Web Design and development Skills, professional communication and Interpersonal skills. 

2. Niel Harper, Senior Manager - Next Generation Leaders, Internet Society. (Civil Society, Barbados)
Niel has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of telecoms management, cybersecurity, IT governance & strategy, ICT policy research & advisory services, and programme management. He is the Founder & Managing Director of Octave Consulting Group, a management consulting firm that assists organizations in combating online threats and safeguarding digital assets. The organization works with business leaders to not only prevent and respond to cyber attacks, but to effectively manage the full spectrum of cyber risks in a manner that adds business value and creates market opportunities. Throughout his career, he has had management responsibility, consulting engagements, and short-term assignments in over 20 countries. His passion is empowering and educating individuals to transform their lives and their communities through the power of the Internet. He is committed to undertaking transformational work that contributes to increasing access to the Internet for all. 


1. Effects of internet shutdowns in an internet dependent world and on SDGs
2. Future of the internet economy with internet shutdown
3. Country case study: Cameroon
4. Sustainable methods and strategies to deal with internet shutdowns
5. Open floor discussion

- 10mins opening remarks/introduction from speakers
- 45mins panel discussion with moderator probing
- 35mins open floor discussion with periodic intervals for remote participants