IGF 2019 Dynamic Coalition Annual Reporting

The IGF’s Dynamic Coalitions (DCs) report annually on their overall activities, related to the cooperation and analytical work focused on their core topics; substantive inputs to the DCs main session and their individual sessions, as well as the reporting from their sessions hosted at the IGF.

DCs listed below, under any of the categories, are eligible to apply for the DC session slots in IGF 2020.

Inputs to the Main Session

Ahead of their SDGs-focused main session co-organized with the MAG, intervening DCs have each produced one-page papers expanding on the relationship between their work and the related Goals. Please see the following submissions for an in-depth look at the intersection of DC/ Internet governance issues and the SDGs: 


Inputs and Reports of the DCs individual sessions

Annual DC Reports 

As per the DCs guidelines, a yearly report is considered as an eligibility criteria for requesting an individual meeting slot at annual IGFs and maintaining the recognition status with the IGF Secretariat.