IGF 2019 Pre-Event #14
Consolidation of the Internet. Chance or challenge?

De Natris Consult


In Paris during WS #40 Jari Arkko (IETF/IAB) asked: "Is the IGF the right place to discuss the topic of consolidation"? This session aims to find out. By preparing the audience by way of a limited number of questions, answers are found, e.g. to these questions. What is the challenge? What are chances? What the hazards? Are stakeholders missing from the discussion? What are the outcomes of present studies? Is there a(n intersessional) role for the IGF to play in 2020? Finally the room is asked to share recommendations on the way forward.

One expert is asked to set the stage (either Jari Arkko or ISOC). What follows is a open discussion with the room led by a moderator. It is an open session, with specific invitations to relevant stakeholders.