IGF 2019 Pre-Event #46 IGF Onboarding: the intersection of technical development of the Internet and policy

Gesellschaft für Informatik 


The technical development of the Internet and policy are intrinsically intertwined: they mutually depend on each other. For the Internet to continue to evolve in a positive way, it is essential that we reach good policy outcomes, which requires well-informed stakeholders to have a seat at the table. Therefore the goal is to provide participants a well-rounded base of knowledge that will help them contribute meaningfully to the matters that will be discussed at the IGF. Onboarding activities and efforts for the IGF 2019 in Berlin shall be two-fold: * Creating comprehensive learning material for online self studies as a means of preparation for people planning to attend the upcoming and any further IGFs * If approved, we will hold Day Zero follow-up sessions on these self studies, facilitated and led by experienced members of the IGF community Onboarding learning material shall at least include: * The Internet as a network of interconnected networks: what’s at the core of it? * The Domain Name System (DNS) as a fundamental service for (almost) all services on the Internet * What are the consequences of this technical design for Internet Governance? * What is Internet Governance, why does it matter, what is the IGF for? * What are the impacts of policy and policy making on Internet infrastructure, both intended and unintended?