IGF 2019 Pre-Event #52



IGF LAC Space is a session to gather all participants from the LAC region in an attempt to share their achievements of the present year and their plans for the following year. It started in 2016 in Guadalajara and this would be the 4th edition of the session.

The format is a round table with a moderator to control that everyone adjusts to the scheduled times.

The participation average is growing from year to year. In 2018 we had more than 50 participants.

The agenda for the event is:
- Introduction (5 minutes)
- News of the IGF from LAC MAG Members (15 minutes)
- 2019 achievements and 2020 projects from LAC Region organizations form all sectors (60 minutes)
- Invitations from IGF 2019 session organizers and panelists (10 minutes)